Here Are The Best Native Ads Spy Tools To Keep Tabs On Your Competitors

Native advertising is one of the best marketing solutions to reach a massive audience and establish a close connection with them, without making them sick of seeing your ads. Ad fatigue is a serious issue that marketers are trying to deal with nowadays, and native is a very effective remedy. It started out simple, with pieces known as advertorials appearing in popular publications that looked and felt like genuine journalistic articles, but were actually paid advertisements to promote a brand, product, or service. Right now, native advertising covers a much wider spectrum of ads, all of which share the same approach: Low-key promotion without disrupting the viewer’s experience on digital media.

Compared to other more traditional digital advertising methods, native is less aggressive and salesy, with a heavy focus on disguising as organic content and not having an impact on user experience. To achieve this goal, native ads mimic the look, feel, and function of other organic content on the platform they’re being served on, but they always have a subtle indicator that gives away their true nature (like a “Promoted” or “Sponsored” tag). What’s great about them is that they actually work. Native ads are successful in grabbing people’s attention and marketing something to them without being annoying and salesy. The result is more impression, more click-through rate, and ultimately, higher return on investment (ROI).

But capturing the essence of native ads might be more difficult than you’d think. Every day, people are becoming more elusive toward ads, and native ads are no exception. Generating that sense of trust and not sounding pushy and aggressive with a native advertisement requires extensive knowledge of the people you are advertising to, and a sheer amount of creativity to write engaging, interesting copies and create eye-catchy assets. In other words, you’ll have to go through a lengthy (and costly) learning curve and experiment with different combinations and platforms to come up with optimal, high-converting native campaigns. A luxury that many businesses could not afford.

Luckily, native ads spy tools are here for the rescue. These applications give advertisers access to huge, ever-updating ad databases with powerful search abilities to find and inspect campaigns related to their niche on dozens of different platforms like social networks and online publications. With a competent ad spy tool, you can skip the aforementioned learning curve and learn from the best native advertisers. You can keep up with the latest trends and native advertising techniques, find out how to shape your ad and your target audience, and most importantly, keep tabs on your competitors.
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However, spy tools are not free. Since they’re considered an investment, it’s crucial to know which ones perform the best and are capable of getting your native advertising strategy to the next level.

Here’s a list of the best native ad spy tool available on the market right now:


PowerAdSpy provides an almost complete package of spy tools for different purposes. It lets you access a giant database of over 50 million ads from 9 platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Ads, GDN, Native, Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest.

All the basic search options are here.
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You can search by keyword, domain, or advertiser and fine-tune your search with various filters like language, country, placement, and network. One interesting feature is the image search. It lets you target your search on image creatives and find ads based on what text, brand, object, and even celebrity appears on the images.

PowerAdSpy’s UI is neatly designed and very easy to use. Each card shows enough data and the details page has tons of useful information. There’s a landing page preview and multiple graphs for a detailed breakdown of the target demographic and ad performance.

The pricing is somehow odd. There’s no way to access each ad type individually and the plans require you to pay for the whole package. Thankfully, the free version is superb and gives you access to all features and platforms, but only for 100 searches in 10 days.


  • All-in-one intelligence tool with ads from 9 platforms
  • Ad bookmark, LP download and preview, and keyword subscription features
  • Ability to search in image creatives (text, brand, objects, and celebrities in images)
  • Neat and user-friendly UI
  • Detailed breakdown of ad performance and target demographic
  • Impressive free version with access to full features for 10 days


  • No option to include multiple keywords in searches separately
  • Odd pricing that obliges you to pay for the complete package
  • E-comm platforms list is not so extensive


Adplexity is one of the premium ad spy tools that covers a plethora of traffic sources and ad types, including mobile, desktop, native, push, E-commerce, carrier, and enterprise ads.

Adplexity has excellent intelligence tools and separate pricing for each category, which is great since you don’t have to pay for the whole package just to get access to a single ad type. However, there’s a hefty price tag for each one. What makes things worse is there’s no free trial or demo version available.

The dashboard is pretty comprehensive and well-designed. It lets you choose from a wide variety of filters to fully optimize your search and find the most relevant ads. You can narrow down your search by standard filters like country and language and there are giant lists of traffic sources, affiliate networks, and even tracking tools available.


  • Dedicated spy tools for a wide variety of ad types
  • Beautifully designed UI with a full analytical breakdown of ad performance and target demographics
  • Powerful filters including affiliate networks and tracking tools
  • Separate pricing for each traffic source
  • Ad bookmark and landing page download features


  • Very pricey paid plans
  • No free trial or demo version is available
  • Odd categorization of ad types


Anstrex is the go-to option if you plan on keeping up with the native advertising market. It features a large database of over 10 million ads from 27 networks and a powerful search tool to sift through them.

Anstrex’s search functionality is top-notch. Alongside common search filters, it features huge lists of affiliate networks, trackers, and technologies and frankly, it puts almost every other native ad spy tool to shame. Also, there are two exclusive performance measures available called “Gravity” and “Ad Strength” that significantly help you in finding out which ads are the best in a glimpse.

A unique advantage of Anstrex is its landing page ripping tool. It lets you download, customize and deploy LPs on your dedicated server, all within the app.

It’s not all upsides though. The UI is pretty basic and there are numerous minor issues in the search console. Every time you search for a keyword, the whole filters get reset and you have to tailor your query all over again which is really annoying. Another big minus is the lack of a free trial, so there’s no way to try it out before purchasing.


  • Specialized ad spy tool for native advertising
  • Impressive list of search parameters and filters
  • Special ad performance measures that help you discover winning ads
  • Detailed breakdown of ad properties and performance
  • Impressive landing page ripping tool


  • Basic UI
  • Buggy search console
  • No free trial or demo version available


AdFlex is probably the most straightforward and handy native ad spy tool you’ll find on the market. It features a strong scraper that’s capable of tracking and collecting every ad in every placement, straight from the source.

There are more than 20 filters available to optimize your query to the fullest. You can search in ad copy, domain, social page, and URL chains. The design of the dashboard and ad details page is incredibly neat, with useful information about ad properties landing pages presented in an eye-pleasing manner.

What makes AdFlex a sweat deal is that all these features are available in a totally free package with very few limits and there’s no obligation to purchase the paid plans. You can view 100 ads in search results and check out 10 ad details pages every day. There’s also the option to bookmark ads and download landing pages for each ad without limit.


  • Powerful ad spy tool, capable of finding all types of ads in every placement
  • Over 20 filters to fine-tune your search including language, interest, CTA type, etc.
  • Ability to search in ad copies, URL chains, domains, and fan pages
  • Ad bookmark and landing page download features
  • Free plan with no obligation to buy the paid version and no credit card info needed
  • Beautifully-designed UI


  • Only works for Facebook ads and native ads right now

Final thoughts

Native advertising is arguably one of the best ways to get the most out of your digital marketing budget. It helps to drive traffic and generate leads without having to deal with ad fatigue. But to get the desired results with your native campaigns, you need a killer combination of engaging, trust-building copies, beautiful creatives, and highly-focused landing pages. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, native ad spy tools will help you get inspiration from the top native advertisers in your niche, learn how to shape your campaigns and keep them fresh, and monitor the advertising activities of your rivals.


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