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Types Of Digital Media- How To Use Earned, Owned and Paid Media

Digital media is a type of media that is used to improve a company’s entire brand by communicating, engrossing expected engagement and conversion results. Various forms of digital media can assist brands in reaching the appropriate channels and audiences.
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In this regard, Earned, Owned, and Paid media make up the trinity of a convergent strategy of the digital media plan. Each element forms an important part of the system as it outlines the marketing mix with a flavor of authenticity, awareness, and reputation.

As a result, digital media facilitates social interactions, expands the field of small enterprises, and aligns the marketing strategies to convert the visitors into potential customers. That’s the reason why most businesses use digital marketing strategies and services to increase sales and capture customers’ faith. So let’s go into the nook and corner of different types of digital media and how to leverage them to raise brand reputation.

1. Paid Media

Paid media is the oldest and most established of the three categories of digital media. It assists in reaching a large audience that grabs their target audience to elevate the content.
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This medium denotes the distribution of the most effective material to raise potential leads’ knowledge of the firm, its products, and services. When you use sponsored media to promote your website, it becomes easier to find it. Paid campaigns serve to build the brand’s infrastructure and boost revenue growth. Different types of paid media are used as a catalyst to enhance the guaranteed reach and give the highest ROI.

The most incredible benefit of paid media is that by running smart campaigns on the proper channels and targeting the correct audience, brands can get outstanding outcomes with excellent reach.
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Google Adwords, social network connections, paid search, and native advertising is some of the appropriate instances of paid media.

2. Earned Media

The earned media contributes to the brand’s overall visibility. It helps in coverage of the brand through steady organic means. Customers endorse brands through social media platforms, which works as “word of mouth”.
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These come in the form of adverts created by customers exclusively for them. This is the most effective kind of organic digital media because it requires no investment and instead relies on trust. The successful earned media strategy drives digital analytics by providing an influential brand reputation.

For earned media, the most critical factor is to enter the world of organic search with high-quality content. The best example of earned digital media is brand recognition mediated by ideal customers through reviews, SEO, testimonials, shares, or reposts. This also includes appearing as a guest on someone’s blog, Facebook page, or email.

3. Owned Media

Owned digital media is regarded as a “permanent online asset” that a firm can acquire. The major reason for calling it to be a permanent asset is that it maintains the continuity of the brand that helps in promoting its services and products at the same time. These platforms or websites can help with lead creation as well as escalating engagement. As a result, owned media focuses on generating material from many channels and relies on the evaluation of outcomes and quality. The more owned media you have the more is the chance to layout your brand reputation. Owned media strategies can attract compelling media by connecting directly with them.

The element that makes owned media beneficial is that it aids in establishing brand authority and improving search engine rankings. Self-hosted websites, social media channels, blogs, youtube channels, podcasts, a Facebook page, and videos are some of the best examples.

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