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How to make kinetic typography video with Mango Animate Text Video Maker

There are videos all over the place. In today’s world, people prefer to share information through videos.

Consider this: you might find that you’re constantly surrounded by different types of videos, such as the alarm clock that gets you out of bed, the messages that your friends send you, the information and news that you receive, and any other items that are all transmitted via videos.

You’ll probably notice that the text video is the most beautiful yet appears to be simple among these videos. Text videos, in particular, are much more visually appealing and require a greater level of concentration to watch than other types of videos.

But there’s no need to be concerned. It’s much simpler than you might think to create text videos. In this blog, we’ll show you how to convert text to video using Mango Animate Text Video Maker, an excellent text-to-video converter.

Mango Animate Text Video Maker is a fantastic program that can turn text into animated and appealing videos. And the procedure is quite straightforward. Let’s take a look at how we’re going to do it now.

Prepare the Text

First and foremost, prepare the text as well as the kinetic typography video converter. Prepare your text, whether it’s an introduction to a product, knowledge, or anything else you want to share with others.

It is preferable to divide the text ahead of time into different short sentences based on the sentence groups. As a result, the text can be displayed on the screen later, sentence by sentence.

Conversion of text into video

Second, after you’ve completed all of your preparations, turn on the kinetic typography video. It’s time to make the transition from text to video.
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Create a new project by clicking NEW once you’ve entered the software. After that, you’ll see the text editor.

Copy and paste the required text into your text editor. To get the text into the kinetic typography video text converter, press the IMPORT button. Block by block; the imported text will be displayed in the timeline.

Decorating the kinetic typography video

Finally, make any necessary adjustments and embellishments. Start decorating the video after the text has been imported into the text video converter. This text to video converter comes with a large library of text animation effects, icons, background pictures as well as other valuable features.

You can find a suitable background for your text video by searching through the image library. Choose an icon or animated cartoon character to add to the text video to make it more beautiful and entertaining. Make the text livelier by animating it by selecting the appropriate icon. If you like to make the article video even more entertaining, there is a music library available in this text video creator.

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Export the kinetic typography video

The output of the kinetic typography video is the final step in the article to video conversion process. The text to video converter will create instantly and smoothly after you click EXPORT to export the video in different file formats.

With a single click, you can share your creativity and ideas with people all over the world via social media once the text has been converted into video. Finally, you can sit back and wait for people to like and comment on your work. It’s impossible to enjoy the process of converting article to video.
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In a nutshell, with the most supportive text to kinetic typography video converter, Mango Animate Text Video Maker, converting text to the video has never been simpler. Import your text into the software, then embellish the video before exporting and sharing it. A stunning and appealing kinetic typography video can be created with just a few simple steps.
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So get started right away.

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