Downloading Instagram Videos For Free

Wondering where the download button to any Instagram video is? You can look for an eternity but wouldn’t find one. Instagram does not provide any facility to download Instagram video of your own or of any other user. This is to protect the privacy of accounts. Instagram videos are one of a kind, these videos are vital to us at times and we often wish we could download them. Imagine how easy life would have been if we would have all the Instagram videos we love into our gallery on just a click of a button. What if I tell you that this is absolutely possible, because it is!

Insta Zoom has made downloading any Instagram video easy and fun. Simply copy the link and tap ok and you are done. Insta Zoom is a third-party application that allows you to download any Instagram video from Insta Zoom app easily and without spending even a penny. This amazing service works on all devices including Mac and is the best solution to download media safely.
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Below are enlisted certain features of Insta Zoom:

1. No need for login details or registration credentials:

Whenever you use a new app you might be hesitant sharing your Instagram login details or username. With Insta Zoom you need to share just nothing. Simply download the app or use the software from the official website of Insta Zoom and use Insta Zoom without registering on the app.                                       

2. Free of cost service:

Insta Zoom demands zero registration fees. You are not required to pay for any service that you use. Download the app for free onto your device and use it without paying anything. Get unlimited free downloads just on Insta Zoom.

3. Use on any OS or device:

Insta Zoom works efficiently on every device and operating system. You download the Insta Zoom app for your android or iOS from play store and app store respectively. You can even use the software from the official website of Insta Zoom.

4. Safe and legal:

Insta Zoom is safe to use and completely legal as it allows download of videos from public accounts alone. We don’t believe in violating any privacy norms. Insta Zoom is a registered app and does not store any data being downloaded from the app.

5. High quality videos with perfect sound:

Download videos from Instagram using Insta Zoom in original high quality and great sound with Insta Zoom. Its AI powered technology fetches high quality videos from Instagram accounts and makes it available for you to download.

How to download Instagram videos?
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  1. To download any video from Instagram, simply launch the Instagram app and navigate to the video you wish to download.
  2. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the post and select ‘copy link’ option.
  3. Download and launch Insta Zoom app and paste the copied link into the input field provided.
  4. Tap the search button to initiate a search on Insta Zoom.
  5. The video starts playing on the app, now simply tap the download button over the video in the form of a downward arrow, the video will start downloading and will be saved to your gallery instantly after the download is complete.

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