Why You Need To Include Accessibility In Your Email Marketing Strategy

As an email marketer, when you realize that you have a lot on your plate, upholding accessibility may seem like extra effort. So, is email accessibility really important? As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant, my answer is a big yes. 

Around 15% of the world’s population has some form of impairment. That’s a total population of one billion people. 2.2 billion people of those billion individuals are visually impaired and may require the usage of a screen reader to access web material. These assistive gadgets browse online and email content using page components and read text aloud. Accessible material isn’t simply a convenience for people with impairments; it’s a need.

Accessibility, on the other hand, isn’t simply for persons with impairments. Content that is more accessible is more rational, understandable, and usable for everyone. Read this mini-guide on why accessibility should be a part of your email design language:

7 Reasons Why Email Accessibility Is Good:

One of your main objectives is to convert potential customers or supporters into paying customers or supporters. Here are the top seven reasons why accessibility is beneficial in the process.
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Let’s get started:

  • Everybody’s Usability Is Improved

Millennials and Generation Z are the two groups who hold a brand’s dedication to doing things properly in the greatest regard: they make up the largest share of the worldwide customer base. These consumers are most likely to quit a business due to exposing unethical practices and providing mediocre experiences, resulting in a substantial percentage of customers being lost.

Because accessibility is based on human-centered design, whatever adjustments you make – from color contrast to font sizes – will benefit everyone on your list.
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They’ll all enjoy a more comprehensive, richer experience, which will increase your return on investment (ROI).

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  • You Can Reach More People

The internet’s beauty and power come from the fact that it is meant for everyone. You are likely to contact everyone on your list, including people with permanent or temporary limitations, via emails. If your email design isn’t optimized for accessibility, you’re automatically excluding a portion of your audience if your emails aren’t accessible.

  • It Increases Retention As Well As Engagement

Subscribers won’t be able to read your emails or engage with your calls to action (CTAs) if they can’t understand the text or connect with the CTAs. They won’t be interested in receiving emails in the future either.

By ensuring that your emails cater value to each subscriber, you can alleviate engagement levels for those segments. This is especially useful given the fact that not many email developers do so.

  • It Minimizes Legal Risk

Nearly 11,000 federal cases relating to accessibility were filed in 2020, up 23% from the previous year. That implies there were probably thousands more undisclosed state lawsuits and mandate letters with out-of-court settlements, posing a severe danger to any firm that did not satisfy the requirements of its whole audience. 

However, the repercussions of a lawsuit go well beyond financial loss. Even if the claim is unfounded, buyers’ perceptions are tainted when they learn about these incidents. As a result, this is a substantial reason to ensure that all of your material is accessible to avoid negative publicity and legal fights.

  • It Distinguishes You From Your Competitors When Impaired Customers Are Concerned

Which email do you think someone will click on if they receive two emails promoting a shoe sale, one of which they can read and engage with and the other of which they can’t? Even if consumers like your product compared to that of your competitor’s, they’ll almost surely choose it if they provide a more convenient and interesting experience.

It’s all about the user experience when it comes to accessibility. Whereas UX focuses solely on a user who is believed to be free of disabilities, accessibility makes no such assumptions. It treats all users fairly and recognizes that features designed for disabled people improve the general user experience.

  • Accessibility Improves Your Company’s Image

You’d want to show the same respect to everyone who desires to access your digital world. This doesn’t have to be for ethical or moral reasons; even if profit is your top concern, you’d naturally want as many users and/or customers as feasible.
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It would be like hitting yourself in the foot if you prevented people from buying your products or using your services.

  • It Assists You In Representing Your Audience More Effectively

Every effective marketing plan begins with a thorough understanding of your target market. You’re speaking directly to their requirements and demonstrating that you comprehend their pain spots by making your emails available to everyone. Most importantly, you’re avoiding their conscious notion that your company doesn’t adequately represent them.

Wrap Up

Throughout my career as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud email specialist, I find that envisioning your design language to meet accessibility standards is the best way to deal with the situation. Here’s a small list of things to stay away from to protect your progress and maintain email accessibility:

  • Paragraphs that are aligned in the middle
  • Justified paragraphs
  • Fonts that are too thin or too ornamental
  • Photosensitive seizures can be triggered by flashing material or bright animated GIFs.
  • Links to potentially dangerous material
  • Redundancy
  • Lists with bullets based on icons
  • Vague link wording, such as “Click Here”
  • Images with text
  • Buttons built on images
  • Values expressed in ems, percentages, or “unitless” units
  • Without explicit explanations, jargon, abbreviations, or acronyms are used.
  • Color combinations with a lot of movement, notably blue and red.

I hope this article adds to your understanding of why accessibility matters to your email marketing efforts.

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