Life is pointless. Life isn’t actually pointless – but there are many things that make it seem that way. We will discuss some of the ways in which life seems meaningless and how you can change your perspective to see meaning where others might not be able to find any.

Firstly, humans are completely alone in the universe. There is no one to help us when we’re sick or injured; there’s no one to comfort you when you’re sad; and there’s nobody for you to talk about your problems with – at least, not directly. You could try having a conversation with an animal or even a computer, but that doesn’t really count! It isn’t the same as talking things over with another person like yourself. Also, if anything ever happened to everyone else on Earth (if some sort of epidemic wiped out all of humanity), you’d be left all alone in this vast expanse of nothingness until eventually something inevitably killed you too. This thought of life is pointless has been known for centuries by philosophers like Pascal who described human life as a perpetual “restless desire for something else” – always wanting more, never satisfied. And even if you’re perfectly happy with your daily routine and nothing would change that, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll be able to experience anything the same way ever again. You could catch a virus or get into an accident that changes your whole perspective on things forever… perhaps making everything seem dull and boring even though it was once so interesting.

And not only are you alone right now – but there’s also a high chance you will always be alone! Because even if humanity does successfully avoid every single possible extinction scenario (asteroid impact, supernova explosion, etc.

), we’re still going to have one major obstacle before being able to expand throughout the galaxy: physics. The speed of light is a limiting factor for interstellar travel, and it’ll take years or even centuries before we could build a ship capable of reaching another star system. It would be great if humans could fly at the speed of light – then everyone on Earth would die within seconds… which sounds kind of nice because you’d never have to worry about anything ever again! Unfortunately, that’s not possible. So those stars will always be very far away from us, with no hope of traveling there anytime soon. If any other alien civilizations exist out there in the universe (and the odds are pretty good that they do), they’re also going to be hundreds or thousands of years ahead of us technologically – which means they’d be way too busy exploring the cosmos to even bother with a tiny little planet like Earth. We would have no chance of communication or contact whatsoever. This is basically what it’s going to be like for all of eternity, barring some sort of cosmic disaster that causes one species to wipe out all other forms of life in the entire universe… which still isn’t enough! Even if you’re alive for trillions and trillions of years, you will never see another single soul from any other species ever again unless something very dramatic happens.Doithuong

Your contribution towards popular culture is completely insignificant since you’ve already decided what is and isn’t noteworthy. One Facebook post from a dead celebrity gets more views in an afternoon than your entire life has ever had! This might not seem fair or just to you, but that’s how it is – nobody asked for our opinions before making these choices. Our voices don’t matter… only theirs do because they’re living right now! (Having been alive longer doesn’t make their opinions any more correct).

And even if every single person on the planet somehow began using social media to discuss philosophical issues with each other, why should anyone care? Whether people think about these big questions like life is pointless or not really makes no difference whatsoever since we’ve all got to die eventually! Just live your life happily and try not to overthink while living.

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