Why the Sneeze Guard is a Must-Have Item in Every School

What are sneeze guards, and can they protect children from virus risks? Sneeze guards are acrylic barriers that help people create private, safe spaces. This piece of PPE (personal protective equipment) is extremely popular in schools. While social distancing and masks give children enough protection, these guards offer a vital extra layer of protection.

Sneeze guards have also become popular in schools because they’re student-friendly.
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They’re made of high-quality acrylic, so they’re very lightweight. They’re also easy to disinfect. Students can clean and disinfect their sneeze guards every day and reuse them the next day. Plus, they’re foldable and easy to carry inside schoolbags.

The Science Behind Sneeze Guards

Students in busy classroom settings must do everything they can to maximize their protection against coronavirus and other germs. That means killing off the source of these viruses and germs. The COVID19 virus, like other viruses, primarily spreads through the air. The virus travels in microscopic respiratory droplets.

Our bodies release these droplets every time we breathe, cough, or sneeze. Sneeze guards serve as impenetrable walls in the face of these microscopic respiratory droplets. They keep all microparticles (including germs and viruses) away from the user. The ease of use and cleaning makes sneeze guards ideal for busy classrooms and school facilities.
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Sneeze guards conform to CDC’s latest safety guidelines regarding schools and classrooms. According to the organization –

  • Teachers must maintain spaces of at least six feet between each desk in classrooms.
  • Teachers must reduce class sizes to observe these spacing requirements.
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  • Teachers should themselves maintain six feet (or more) distances between students.
  • Schools must post signs to inform students about social distancing or hygiene-related rules.

By using a sneeze guard, any teacher can easily accomplish these goals. Sneeze guards are effective at protecting students and school faculty members. As thousands of schools resume in-person learning, both students and teachers deserve extra protection. Sneeze guards can offer the best protection for both.
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Where to Use Screen Guards?

What are the dirtiest areas of your school? Typically, the school areas that are most prone to dirt, germs, and viruses are –

  • Bathrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • School buses
  • Locker rooms
  • Computer labs
  • Classrooms
  • Gyms

Educators can boost the sanitization standards of each of these areas by using sneeze guards. Any place where children interact with each other is a place that can be made safer with these guards.

The Direct Benefits of Installing Sneeze Guards

Here are the instant benefits students, teachers, and educational institutes can receive by installing screen guards –

  • Decrease the risk of germ or virus transmission by 60% and more.
  • Implement stricter social distancing rules by compelling students to communicate only from behind these barriers.
  • Acrylic sneeze guards are totally transparent, so there are no risks of miscommunication.

Students and teachers can keep reusing their sneeze guards forever. Just disinfect and sanitize them every day. Schools must also take other safety precautions such as – posting informational signs and installing sanitizing stations around the school. Sneeze guards and other PPE items are currently in high demand. So, schools must order quickly and in bulk.

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