Which Mass Texting Service is Right for Your Needs?

Which Mass Texting Service is Right for Your Needs?

Mass text messaging has become a popular way to share information with customers and interact with them via texting. With consumers’ comfortability of communicating through text messaging, companies are coming up with new strategies to meet the needs of customers and send information in a timely and convenient fashion. Your business may have many needs that can be met by using a mass texting service. Depending on the mass texting service, you can schedule bulk texts to be sent out and engage with customers using a keyword. If your goal is to give customers access to information, mass text messages are a great way to communicate.
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If you are looking for customer feedback, you can use mass text messaging to send out surveys and learn from your customers. Whether your needs are for sales, marketing, updates, or scheduling, you can use a mass texting service to meet your needs. In order to decide which texting service you might need, it’s wise to address your needs first.

Sales, Promotions, and New Product Launches

Customers love a good sale. You might have loyal customers who want to opt in to receiving mass text messages about sales, promotions, and product launches.
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It is also a great way to reach out to new customers by sharing with them that you have a sale on your site. Mass text messaging can be a great marketing channel to reach a targeted audience and run marketing campaigns to customers who are most likely going to engage. It is also a great way to advertise that you are releasing new products on your site. You can send out a countdown and schedule a message to send when the product officially launches. This is an easy way to expose new products and increase clicks and customer engagement rates.


If you are looking for feedback from your customers, mass texting services can help you send out surveys to your customers. The customers can then reply to a question about their experience and your business can collect customer feedback. For example, you may ask a customer to rank on a scale from one to ten how likely they would recommend a product to a friend. The customer can respond with a number, and their response will be recorded in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform where it can be added to spreadsheets for reporting. If a need of yours is to collect data about your customers, then finding a mass texting service that does this will be of great benefit for your company.

Updates and Reminders

Allowing customers to opt in to receiving updates about their recent purchases gives customer updates on tracking and when their item or items will arrive. This gives customers a steady flow of information instead of them having to reach out to customer service to track down their purchased items. Customer satisfaction improves when they have access to information about their purchases. Mass text messages can also remind shoppers that they abandoned their shopping cart on your site. Maybe the customer ran out of time to complete the purchase, and then forgot to go back to buy their items later. Using a mass text messaging serivce can trigger an automated response when a shopper has left their items in the shopping cart after so long and did not complete a purchase. This can help boost conversions by walking with customers from the point of browsing to making a purchase.


When using the right mass texting service, you can schedule when mass text messages will go out to recipients. If you need to send out a mass text after business hours, you can schedule that text to be automatically sent out even after you have left the office. This can be great if you have a business that offers a service and clients are to show up for appointments. You can have automatic mass text reminders sent out to clients who have an appointment coming up. This can help decrease the amount of appointments missed by clients and increase scheduling efficiencies. If you are planning an event, an easy way to send out invites and gather RSVPs is to use a mass texting service to send messages to attendees. Attendees can simply reply with a “yes” or “no” to attending an event and their responses can all be recorded in one place on your CRM platform. Your event team can all have the same access to RSVPs and plan the event accordingly.

What is Right for You?

In order to choose the right mass texting service, it’s best to understand the needs of your business. Your needs might include sales, marketing, and surveys to share promotions with customers and receive customer feedback. You might also need a service that sends out updates, reminders, and has the ability to easily schedule mass text messages. Whatever your needs might be, there are mass texting services available to meet them.

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