What utilities should the app of your restaurant have?

Technological development and a digitized society involve human activities in all productive sectors. Therefore, for any company, having a mobile application is already a necessity.

In practice, to be efficient, your restaurant’s App must collect certain utilities.  Choosing the most convenient one is suitable to control what services it offers because the benefits will depend on it.

Does your restaurant’s App replace the website? No. It is a compliment. Both tools interact and serve each other. That is why it is convenient to have both and link them; in this way, from the App, you get to the web and vice versa.

Digital solutions for restaurants are diversifying in the market. All software vendors offer ‘the best’ App for your restaurant. However, the choice becomes problematic if the information is not available.

What to observe?

What to ask?

What can you expect from the App?

These and other questions concern the decision-maker. The investment must be as good as possible, and it is not easy to see how far you can go with this technology.
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Utilities that your restaurant’s App should have

Proper and well-managed applications allow the restaurant to stand out from the competition. The focus will always be on the customer, simplifying his life when he requires the services of a restaurant. In this way, talking about the utilities of your restaurant’s App implies thinking about both parts.
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On the one hand, the company, its sales and profitability; on the other, the client and his satisfaction.  

Thus, the best App for your restaurant will be the one that benefits the two terms, restaurant and customer; the most if the customer is satisfied with the App, the restaurant benefits. And if the tool serves the restaurant, it will provide better customer service. The equation is that simple.

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What essential utilities should your restaurant’s App have for these conditions to be met?

Friendly interface

The interface should facilitate smooth navigation. If your restaurant’s App complicates the customer too much, it will not be effective. The screen organization will allow you to locate each function quickly.

Simplicity is a fundamental condition for people to be comfortable while browsing. An easy and intuitive search system will ensure that customers stay in the APP and not abandon it because of its complexity. In addition, it has to be compatible with the two platforms in which it must be present: IOS and Android.


People circulate, travel, and walk. And when it comes to lunch or dinner, he often finds them anywhere. A very common behaviour is to go to internet searches for nearby restaurants.  If the App of your restaurant shows them advertisements of the place, this will be on the potential customer’s radar.  

Interaction with Google Maps is a perfect complement because it will show the interested party the most convenient route. Moreover, if the person makes their reservation online, the restaurant will know how long they await them with a warm welcome.

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Module ‘Menu’

When a person visits your restaurant’s App, they should easily find the menu and prices for each dish. It is the starting point for choosing a restaurant, essential for online orders, but it is also helpful for those who go to the restaurant. In this way, when they enter the establishment, they will already know ​​what they will find there.

Online reservations with immediate response

This module is vital. Once the customer locates the restaurant and knows the menu, they should reserve their table easily. The form will be simple and without requiring too much data.
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If your restaurant’s App is complete and well managed, you will immediately receive confirmation that a table is in your name.

For this to be possible, the restaurant must strictly control occupied tables with immediate input of information into the system.

Clients have become accustomed to instantaneity and to having answers to their efforts immediately. Therefore, a well-structured and managed reservation module is also a customer loyalty tool.

Online orders

Many restaurants work with delivery.   Some are associated with distribution companies. Although this possibility is relatively valuable, including online orders in your restaurant’s App is, without a doubt, the best option. One of the most important advantages is that it maintains the restaurant’s communication with the customer.

When a person places an order, they receive a response from the restaurant’s kitchen in real-time. In this way, the customer will know how long it will take to receive their food. Likewise, you can consult about the ingredients and preparation of the dish you request.

These are precious factors for customers. On the other hand, the restaurant avoids problems and ensures that the customer receives what he asks for. Eliminating intermediaries reduce the risk of error. 

Tracking orders

A modern App will allow the traceability of orders. In other words, the client will be able to track their request and will know exactly when it arrives at their door.

Although you may think that this utility does not offer many benefits, it does not. Anxious customers do not like to wait without information, whatever they are waiting for. Therefore, offering the possibility to visualize the route of your plate will leave you alone.
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Customer feedback

It is a fundamental module. Offering a direct and agile channel of contact is very useful. The client has the right to make observations about the service and make claims; the restaurant will be able to offer all the explanations that it deems pertinent.

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In addition, a compensation system may be established when something goes wrong. The idea is to know first-hand what the users of the restaurant think. It is a handy tool for improvement and to prevent the image of the premises from deteriorating.
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