What Should be the Preparation Strategy to Crack Bihar SI Exam?

Under Bihar SI Exam, there will be 100 questions asked in the preliminary exam, carrying 200 marks. The questions will be based on General Knowledge and Current Affairs. Most of the questions in this exam are from subjects like Physics, Geography, Chemistry, Polity, History, Economy, Botany, Zoology, and other contemporary topics. Thus, it becomes important to smartly prepare for the Bihar Police SI exam.

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Tips to Prepare for BPSSC Police SI Exam

  •  Make a Proper schedule: For the betterment and ease of your study, make a schedule or a timetable to give each subject an equal duration so, you can cover every topic. Also, keep your schedule flexible and realistic. Divide your syllabus into small parts and cover them step by step.
  • Appear for sectional tests: After covering every topic, do sectional tests for comprehensive coverage and understanding. This will help you find your solid sections and your weak areas to work on them further on. ​​
  • Smart Work Not Hard work: This is a famous saying nowadays in the educational world. Instead of studying for long hours, take regular breaks to refresh your mind.
    buy plavix online no prescriptionAlso, try to study subjects and areas that are relevant and give more time to those you are weak at instead of studying everything all at once.
  • Practice: This is an old saying that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect,” which is true in reality. The more questions you solve and the more you are familiar with the type and nature of the questions being asked, the better your chances of attempting more questions in the exam. This will also help in managing students’ accuracy.
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  • Analyze the syllabus perfectly: In many cases, students do not follow the syllabus strictly and end up wasting a lot of their time studying something not even included in the syllabus, and because of this, they waste their time and energy. So, kindly check your syllabus thoroughly and mark all the important topics and chapters in your Bihar Police SI study materials; one can also follow the scientific technique for revision, such as always preparing a weekly test, don’t use too many highlighters, getting proper sleep, and trying not listening to music while you are studying.
  • Previous Year’s Question papers: It helps you get a good idea of how you can manage your time during the actual examination. Practicing last year’s papers aids in getting an idea of what type of questions will be asked in the examination and how much time you need to invest in each of these questions.
  • Physical activities and health: The last examination stage is meant to test your physical fitness. So get yourself to train in building up the physical stamina. You should not stress more and place yourself in a weak or vulnerable state that can make you ill, therefore staying fit and healthy is very important. Read More About:


This article is all about tips and tricks for preparing for the Bihar SI exam. If you follow all these steps, you can succeed in your exam. Check your preparation with BYJU’S Exam Prep’s exclusive set of test series and mock tests that offers the best exam preparation materials for all the exams.

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