What Makes a Great YouTube Banner Template?


Looking for YouTube banner templates but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! With YouTube’s new design, it can be hard to find the perfect template. That’s why Venngage has created this roundup of YouTube banners currently being used by businesses worldwide. You will find a few different styles and layouts in this post – some more traditional, some with a modern twist – so there is something for everyone.

One thing YouTube has been doing recently is blurring the lines between content creators and viewers. YouTube’s new design puts a more significant emphasis on your profile picture, which means you can show off a bit more of yourself – something businesses might not be used to doing! However, YouTube wants its users to have that personal connection with them, so they created customizable YouTube profile banners. YouTube has a variety of templates that can be changed to fit any brand or business, but they don’t offer it for download online yet – so we put them together in this post!

Let’s start with the basics…

1) A great YouTube banner background should have your logo or brand name at the center of attention. The background color should be neutral if possible because it will make your branding stand out on any device.

2) There are many YouTube banner templates available through Venngage that are YouTube-branded. YouTube’s brand colors are red, white, and black, so anyone can pick up these templates for free with YouTube branding on them. YouTube has a YouTube branding guide that you should check out for more information.

3) YouTube’s new design is meant to be used on all devices at any screen size, so YouTube banner templates should also look great on a mobile device. YouTube has its guide for that too!

When creating a YouTube banner maker, a few things to keep in mind is that YouTube has recently updated its logo – it now features a sans serif font “play” icon with the word “Tube” underneath it. This design is essential because they have also updated their social media accounts which you should be following! Also, remember that YouTube videos are usually viewed at 16:09 aspect ratio or even more expansive, but if you don’t want your video thumbnail cut off, consider designing one that fits entirely within those dimensions (1280 x 720). You will see this option below as well under YouTube’s YouTube banner dimensions.

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Now let’s learn from the best…

YouTube Banner Backgrounds For Anything & Everything


YouTube banners from Venngage are versatile and can be used in any industry – which means they’re perfect for personalizing them with your brand’s colors/logo while still looking YouTube-branded. YouTube banner sizes are customizable depending on how much you want to show off versus your logo or brand name. A lot of these examples have either only the YouTube logo showing up along with some text (like “Playlists”) or small logos placed throughout the template itself like this one… YouTube banner dimensions are 16:09 or 1280 x 720.

YouTube Banner Makers for YouTube Channels with Videos on Different Topics

When you upload a video to YouTube, it is automatically added to your YouTube channel. Users can easily navigate through all of the videos uploaded by one user rather than scrolling down an entire page trying to figure out what is discussed in each video. A YouTube banner template that better fits this branding style might have more room for text. Channel title and featured thumbnail above the fold – while still having only part of your logo below the fold because everything else will already be visible once someone clicks into your actual YouTube channel art. Use these YouTube banners if you don’t want viewers leaving too soon after clicking into another tab or YouTube channel. YouTube banner dimensions are 16:09 or 1280 x 720.

YouTube Banners for YouTube Channels with Videos on the Same Topic

When using YouTube banners of this style, consider having your logo and profile picture in one location, so viewers know who is uploading these videos! You can then have a YouTube video thumbnail that features more than just text and includes some visuals. For example, an event or product shot to keep people interested once they click into another tab within YouTube itself (or even better – check out our next section). Use these YouTube banners if you want users to stay right where they are as long as possible before clicking over to other tabs/pages. YouTube banner dimensions are 16:09 or 1280 x 720.

One More YouTube Banner Template for YouTube Channels that Feature a Few Videos

YouTube banner templates like this one are great because they can be used by YouTube channels. You want to place their logo and profile picture near the top of the YouTube channel itself (so viewers know exactly where to click) while also showcasing what videos/topics will be talked about on your YouTube channel. This template includes two featured thumbnails, which means you could even use it as part of an intro video or opening sequence! Use these YouTube banners if you don’t yet have enough content uploaded but still want people clicking into your actual YouTube Channel right away. YouTube banner dimensions are 16:09 or 1280 x 720.

YouTube Banners for One-Time Events/Groups


When using YouTube banners like this one, consider having two YouTube video thumbnails (the first and last image) with your branding/logo on the left side of each YouTube banner since you know those will be featured front and center. This YouTube banner template is perfect for events or groups who want to keep their branding consistent across all social media platforms – even if they’re using a different logo or color scheme! Use these YouTube banners if you want users clicking into other tabs within YouTube quickly after entering it directly yourself. YouTube banner dimensions are 16:09 or 1280 x 720.

Now let’s take what we’ve learned here…

YouTube Banners for Company Branding & Product Shots: When creating YouTube banners of this style. You can think about placing your YouTube channel branding (logo and profile picture) prominently in the middle of your YouTube banner template while including some images or text to help guide viewers through what they’ll see on this YouTube channel. Use these YouTube banners if you want users viewing product shots, company information, etc. Without having them click into another tab within YouTube itself right away – mainly since most people are used to seeing that “subscribe” option at the top-right corner. Of every YouTube page! Use these YouTube banners for videos about one topic only; otherwise, it can get overwhelming with too many thumbnails/options front-and-center all at once. YouTube banner sizes are 16:09 or 1280 x 720.

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We’ve done the research for you, and Venngage has put together YouTube banner templates that are both YouTube-branded AND use YouTube’s new design. They also come with all of our editing features like image filters, text overlays (like drop shadows), emoji support (if your brand calls for it), etc., which will make designing even more accessible! Check out Venngage YouTube banners today!

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