What is the Importance of PERT in Project Management?

PMP training is directly linked with the utilisation of different kinds of tools in the whole process so that people can fulfil their overall goals very efficiently. PERT is one such tool that will allow the organisations to sort out the activities by calculating the real schedule and find out several kinds of events in the whole process without any kind of problem. It is very much vital for organisations to be clear about solving different kinds of real problems in real life so that compatibility can be easily achieved and every activity can be carried out in the best possible manner.

The project is always a series of different kinds of complex activities which are interdependent to make everything very much successful. These kinds of series and parallel tasks from the network diagram will always make sure that everything will be carried out very professionally.
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Project trekking is considered to be one of the most important activities in terms of managing the project and PERT can be perfect utilised for evaluation and review system in the whole process. PERT is a network diagram in which activities and milestones will be perfectly embodied on the line notes respectively and it is a very much important component of the PMP training so that concerned individuals have a good command over the entire process. The very basic difference between the critical path method and the PERT method is that the former one will be utilising the fixed time estimate for the activities and will never consider any kind of variations in time.
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It will only allow the organisations to determine the longest part of the critical path in the diagram of the network whereas, on the other hand, the other one will be very much capable of using the randomness in the time completion systems.
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The node will be numbered by 10 and every activity will be inserted between all these kinds of nodes in the world of PERT.

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Following are the basic steps to be performed in the whole process:

  • The very basic activities are considered to be the tasks required in terms of completing the project and milestones will be the events that will help in the specification of the activity beginning and completion.
  • The activities will perfectly be put into the table and expanded in the whole process so the time in sequence will always be allowed very easily.
  • It will help in evaluating the sequence of activities so that simple tasks can be dealt with very easily and complexity has been removed from the whole process.
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  • Construction of the PERT diagram is a very important aspect to be taken into consideration so that milestones are easily achieved and people can fulfil the overall goals without any kind of hassle.
  • Activity time in the meeting will always help in recognising the randomness or uncertainty because there will be three possible estimates which will be optimistic time, most likely time at the pessimistic thing.

Hence, being clear about all the above-mentioned points and scheduling of the PERT is very much vital for the concerned people so that multiple advantages are easily achieved. Implementation of PERT in project management is vital so that people can evaluate the resources required for each activity very easily and can make the most optimum decisions.

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