What is sales enablement? And how is it helpful for sales teams

Sales Enablement Definition

Sales enablement is part of the process of providing the tools salespeople need to do their job. It is the process which ensures that salespeople have the tools, knowledge and data they need to do their job. The tools need to be readily accessible and not hindered with training or resources that defeats the purpose.

Companies use sales enablement to ensure that their salespeople are able to deliver results.
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Many companies experience the problem of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This can be a CRM which has not been set up properly, a CRM that is out of date or a CRM which does not support the needs of the organization.

Sales Enablement can encompass a number of different things.
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It can be anything from training, to the setting up and running of formal programs, to
optimizing b2b sales funnel. If a company commits to developing sales enablement, they will set specific goals and will monitor/compare the results to these goals.

Why Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is often required when changes and growth have occurred in a sales team. Companies do want their salespeople to be able to do their jobs, they want to get the most out of them.
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However, a lot of sales teams lack the skills or knowledge to undertake the tasks required of them. This is where sales enablement comes in.

Sales enablement helps a lot with the training, for example setting up a CRM so that the salespeople are able to contact the prospects effectively. It is also important that the salespeople know how to access data.


Sales enablement is often viewed as a process within an organization which is separate from the training. However, this does not always mean it will be separate. Programs or training can be delivered as part of sales enablement using advanced sales coaching software. It is quite often the case that resources which are designed as part of sales enablement are also tools which are part of the CRM.


There are a number of goals that you can set when developing sales enablement. These goals should include:

Increase productivity

Improve customer experience

Identify issues to cut costs

Improve the customer experience

Improve Close rates

Improve sales effectiveness

Some of the goals can also be tied into metrics which are important to the customer.

There are as many as 3 main tools which companies use when it comes to sales enablement.
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These tools include:

  • CRM
  • Sales Enablement software
  • Data

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