What Is Powerball?

Do you fancy yourself to be a lottery winner? You might want to experiment and play Powerball. Did you know that at least 7.7 million Aussies buy lottery tickets? They also love to win big. It was said that in 2019 the highest Jackpot in Australian Powerball was 0 million.
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It’s no wonder people love to play Powerball and win big. However, you might be wondering what this game is, isn’t it? Well, this article will tell you what it is and how it is played. You might be a lucky winner next if you read this piece.

What is Powerball?

Powerball is the highest jackpot game in the world. It is a lottery that is played every Thursday night in Australia. It is generally played at 8:30 pm AEST (9:30 pm AEDT). You get to see the drawing on Channel 7 broadcasts, or the results are displayed on any of the lottery game’s websites.

The game involves the following:

  • One barrel with balls numbered 1-35, of which seven get selected randomly.
  • The other barrel with balls numbered 1-20, of which one is selected at random, is the power ball

This game is fun and lets you earn big. Once you win, you’ll probably continue buying lottery tickets for this game. The jackpot for the game starts at $3 million each week.

How to Play it?

Now you know what a power ball is, let’s explore how to play it so you can start winning big too.

You firstly need to enter the lottery.
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There are several ways to enter the lottery. Here are some of them:

  • You can make a standard entry using a quick pick or Marked Entry. In Quick Pick, the number of games is fixed, and the numbers get generated for you. In contrast, in the Marked Entry, you choose how many games and the numbers. You can play a maximum of 18 games when buying in-store tickets and 50 games when buying tickets online.
  • You can buy a Power Hit Entry ticket to guarantee that you win the power ball number.
  • You can do System and Pick entries which gives you an opportunity to win across several prize divisions. In a system entry, you get to play more than the seven numbers from the first barrel. You can choose 8-20 numbers and stand a chance to win. In Power Hit system entry, you can pick 8-15 numbers from the main barrel, and it guarantees you the winning power ball. In a pick entry, you get at least 1-2 winning numbers guaranteed
  • Advance entries are something in which once you choose your power ball entry type from the above options. You can choose the draws and the weeks you’d like to pay.
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    You can opt for advance entry ten weeks before to play a future game or multi-week entry. You can also subscribe to play the game to ensure you don’t miss a single draw.

Generally, playing this lottery game gives you nine divisions of prizes that you stand to win based on the draw. In the first division, you win if you have all the numbers drawn.
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You can also stand to win if you have two winning numbers.

You can play power ball online. Alternatively, you can play in-store as well.


This lottery game can be very addictive and fun. Plus, it offers you the biggest jackpot prizes that will be the envy of your friends and family. Essentially, it’s a game wherein the balls are drawn from 2 barrels – one from the main barrel and one from the power ball barrel. When your entry matches all the seven winning balls and the power ball, you get to win a jackpot.

So, Powerball is a lottery game that enables you to win big and earn mega prizes! Learn how to play it and win big.

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