What is medical cannabis oil used for?

Cannabis is widely used all over the world. Medical use, general use, and not illegal—medically available countries such as Europe, Eastern Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Important policy for medical marijuana use

1 Safe The use of marijuana must be safe without additives. And there is no risk of harming the patient. This is why underground marijuana is not medically accepted.

  1. The patient must benefit.
  2. Must not have any hidden benefits Must have equal access and not favor any person or organization in particular.

Know how to fight disease: using cannabis to treat the disease effectively Learn about effective medicinal cannabis use, including the medical benefits of cbd öl that can cure any disease. Hear advice from Captain Special, MD. Jintana Manoromphatsan regenerative medicine doctor Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital Executives of Sawasdee Clinic

The use of marijuana for medicinal cannabis,

based on empirical medicine, contains reliable research evidence. Expert experience Patient expectations and values.

The potential benefits of medical marijuana directly benefit.

  • Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
  • -Incurable epilepsy in children and drug-resistant epilepsy
  • Muscle spasms in patients with multiple sclerosis
  • CNS pain that is not treated with different methods
  • Increased appetite and body weight in AIDS patients.
  • Increase quality of life for palliative care patients
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Other multiple scleroses
  • Anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • cancer
  • other diseases

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Symptoms found that the demand for cannabis oil is currently higher.

Cannabis is used to treat depression, depression, insomnia.

Depression is one of those conditions that widespread efforts to find and treat. After creating awareness and understanding more about these symptoms in society, including other symptoms such as anxiety, social anxiety, stress, stress from illness, chronic sleep problems, and more. Currently, research on the use of cannabis to manage depression also discusses side effects that should be wary of. Compared to the better results of the user or the patient. what is more important.

There are two main types of chemicals present in cannabis:

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a chemical in cannabis whose components work with responses in the brain and nervous system. that makes the patient feel comfortable or high used for recreation

cbd öl (CBD) is another essential ingredient. Non-psychoactive Does not affect any symptoms of intoxication and is becoming of interest in treating widespread depression.

Based on the (draft) announcement, the announcement will facilitate the adoption of cannabis and hemp plants and increase their accessibility. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization has prepared to support the Ministry of Public Health policies. With the development of cannabidiol (CBD) products as an ingredient for medical applications in pharmaceutical products. various cosmetics in a variety of formats, including

  • Products for the treatment of psoriasis in cream (Psoriasis cream) and shampoo (Top to toe shampoo).
  • Pain Relief Roll-on and Pain Relief Balm
  • Anxiety relief products that Help calm the mind are a substance that can be water-soluble (Water Soluble CBD) in the form of tablets (Oral Dispersible Tablets).
  • Skin rejuvenation products (Sleeping Mask)
  • Skincare products for people with acne problems (Anti-Acne Cream)

The above product developments by the GPO are produced using raw materials, which are cannabidiol-containing extracts (CBD), mainly from the cannabis plant. The manufacturing process adheres to the main principle of medical-grade, that is

  1. Safety is safe
  2. Consistency contains a similar active ingredient in every lot produced.
  3. Efficacy is effective in treating.

And it follows the international standard guidelines for good practice in 7 areas, from planting to products delivered to consumers. in the use of medical benefits with confidence and accordance with the law.

The GPO had prepared to prepare information on the product group containing cannabidiol (CBD) as an ingredient above. to be presented to the Food and Drug Administration in considering registration in the following order When the law was officially enacted.

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