What is it like to be a freelance copywriter?

Copywriting is an ideal way to make money by working for yourself and using your brains and creativity.
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As your own boss, you can choose when and how much to work, and even who to work for.
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Since you are unlikely to need to employ other people, the book-keeping and legal aspects of your business will be fairly straightforward.

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The work can be almost as varied as you want it to be and, if you can demonstrate the value of what you do, charging good money for it should not be a problem.

Perhaps the best part of the job, however, is that you get paid exactly for the effort you put in.
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There can be few feelings more satisfying than the knowledge that each of the carefully-crafted sentences you have put together for a client is earning you pennies and pounds.
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12 / How to Set Up a Freelance Writing Business A typical day in the life of a copywriter Freelance copywriting work is so varied that you are unlikely to have the same routine each day. But an average day might involve:

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◆ Checking for emails regarding new jobs or work in progress

◆ Taking briefs in person, by phone or email

◆ Replying with time scales and costs

◆ Doing research or background reading

◆ Drafting copy or making changes to an existing draft

◆ Chasing material or approval for a piece of work

◆ Making new business calls

◆ Networking with business contacts

◆ Invoicing or doing other administrative work

◆ Checking finished work.

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