What Is a Real-Time Chat API?

When you set out to include an in-app chat messaging feature in your product, you may find yourself confused with the different terms and technical jargon out there. More often than not, these confusing terms may intimidate you from continuing. One of these terms is “Chat API.”

What Is a Chat API?

A chat API is nothing but a set of programmable building blocks. These blocks will help you build a real-time chat app. Based on the platform they are made for, these APIs will help you build the in-app messaging feature across mobile devices and web platforms.

A real-time chat API is usually offered by a provider and needs to be embedded in your project. However, most chat platforms offer limited solutions for your advanced problems.
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Read on to understand how a chat API can be used and why Applozic’s in-app chat API solutions will give you a scalable and flexible approach.

What Is the Difference Between Real-Time Chat API and Messaging API?

While a messaging API is a service that developers can use to implement different forms of messaging technologies in an application, it does not refer to real-time communication.
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Messaging APIs often facilitate SMS and MMS messages on the client device.

A chat API, on the other hand, will facilitate real-time communication abilities by embedding real-time chat features in your application.

Why Do I Need a Chat API?

You may wonder if the additional investment to include a real-time chat feature in your product is worthwhile. After all, there are countless messaging services out there.
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However, when you include a real-time chat API and SDKs in your service, you stand to improve user retention and conversion, interacting with your customers and gaining valuable feedback to make your platform more customer-friendly.

In addition, you will get to customize the user experience and provide personalized messaging for your users, which will also help take control of the kind of your brand’s messaging strategies.
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By utilizing a chat API and chat SDKs, you will also be privy to valuable end-to-end user data that will elevate your brand theassistant.

What Can I Do With a Chat API?

With Applozic’s chat API solutions, you can use in-app chat messaging features to elevate your marketplace. Our in-app chat API offers a myriad of solutions:

  • Your users will be able to engage with each other across multiple digital platforms, including in-game chat streams, social media sites, public and private communities, and more
  • Enable communication and exchange of information between buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless online marketplace and eCommerce capabilities
  • Connect providers and users for on-demand services, digital healthcare, and online education
  • Enable internal communication between your staff members
  • Enable communication between teachers, tutors, and students on online education platforms
  • Communicate directly with your customers to identify their issues and develop real-time solutions
  • Broadcast actionable messaging to your audience across various social communities

What Can I Expect From Applozic’s Chat API?

Once you have decided to include an in-app chat messaging feature in your product, you will have to make sure that your implanted solution is flexible and scalable to address every need you have presently, but also any need that may arise in the future orissatimes.

Applozic has a proven track record of reliable performance and makes your process to include the real-time chat feature as seamless and easy as possible.
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We include multichannel and cross-platform support across mobile, desktop, and any form of digital communications.

Developers will also be able to integrate chat, voice, and video messaging into your product with robust features that help you:

  • Share and download data files with ease
  • Facilitate one-to-one private messaging features as well as group messaging features
  • Push notifications
  • Online and offline status indicators
  • Typing indicators
  • Webhooks that help you create actionable messaging with real-time chat data
  • Chat data and behavioural analytics, exports, and reporting
  • Automated thumbnail and media file generation for all types of platforms
  • Moderation capabilities that include profanity filters, language management, user-banning or blocking, control, and monitoring of messages between users
  • Auto-image moderation
  • Support for multiple languages to expand your reach across the globe
  • Seamless chatbot integration for smarter in-app user interaction
  • End-to-end encryption, IP whitelisting, fully compliant SAML and SSO support
  • 24/7 support, including emergency support via chat or call with our experts and solutions consultants nationaldaytime.


Customer interaction is one of the most vital considerations when launching products on the internet. The ability to quickly answer your customers’ queries will help differentiate your brand from your competitors and will only add to your growth strategy. By implementing a versatile and scalable chat API, such as the one offered by Applozic, you are bound to soar high uniquelastname.

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