What are the challenges of a good website in 2021 in this decade?

Times have changed significantly, even within the era of wider adoption of computers and the Internet. The early 2000’s, really late 90s and early 2000’s if we want to be more accurate, were very different when it came to design. Limitations in Internet screens as well as computing power meant that websites can be expected to do a lot of the things they easily do now, and there weren’t a lot of standards by way of design the technology underlying it. This meant that, within the constraints of the technologies of the time, there is a lot of variation in design. In fact, this cultivated an early culture of designs being admired for being rather artistic and unique, expressive and very identifying of the brand behind them.
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However, website design in Toms River and website design in Wall in the modern world are a very different ballgame. With the advent of HTML 5, and even, let’s be honest when we say terrible devices like smart phones, a set of standards and a respect for minimalist dynamism have replaced that expressive world of early web design.
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Now, these websites need to be around to comply with a multitude of physical interface approaches, including the terrible staying that is a touchscreen on a tiny device, but also work just as intuitively with computers, game consoles and even smart TVs.
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The technological aspect of it has never been easier, as the point-and-click editors provided by various web hosts will demonstrate, not to mention CMS systems. However, to make a truly resilient website they can work across various browsers, platforms, bandwidth types and devices, it is still better served by a smart people who have a deep understanding of this technology, regardless of how easy it is to implement a lazy version of it with these editors and tools.

The truth is, the challenge is all about making a website instantly identifiable and seemed to a given company while still matching this desire for minimalism and dynamism, and while complying with these standards. All of this has to still be done while making the interface intuitive for anyone, including your grandmother who has never touched a computer before, and is just now getting into online shopping with her brand-new iPhone 5000 or what have you.

While the expression and uniqueness once encouraged by limitations and looser standards is gone for now, this doesn’t mean that your website still doesn’t say a lot about you, the various uniqueness aspects and identity points are just a lot more subtle, and subtlety is an art form that is not easy to master.

This is a field where sociology, art, psychology and technology all have to work in perfect sync, each staying in their lane while complementing the other in the cumulative result.
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Do you want to trust your intern with this? No, you want website design in Wall and website design in Toms River to be handled by the pros, now more than ever!

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