Using Reverse Lookup for People in Other Countries

In the United States, you can use reverse lookups to find just about anyone. Using a public record search engine to look up information about someone is simple if you start with basic information, like their name. But, what if you are looking for information on someone who lives in another country? Let’s go over some things you’ll need to know about using reverse lookups outside of the United States.

Area and Country Calling Codes

Using someone’s phone number is one great way to learn about someone in another country and what region they are from. By analyzing the beginning phone numbers, you can indicate where that call is coming from and which specific country they are in.
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Similar to the United States, other countries have area code differences. Use this as an advantage to narrow down your search even further. However, keep in mind that some people use fake phone numbers or don’t within their number’s area code, so just solely using someone’s phone number may not be the best way to find out where a person is from.
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International Public Record Searches

Like in the United States, other countries provide public record search engines that function similarly. These resources pull information from public records in whatever country they function in.
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Then, this information is presented to the searcher.

Public record details vary drastically depending on what country you are in. Certain countries may consider home addresses and phone numbers part of the public record, while others may consider this private information. In this case, it’s typically restricted and cannot be accessed by the general public. Each country is unique in its laws, so make sure to look at the public record information for the country you are searching in.

Legality Problems in Other Countries

Since the laws differ in each country, it’s best to do a little research before you decide to do a reverse lookup on someone in your country and in theirs. As stated before, some countries may consider this private information and could be a breach of privacy.

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The best thing to do is to look up the legality of reverse lookup in whatever country you are searching for. That way, you can get information on whether it’s legal to look up someone’s data in their country and in yours. If it’s illegal in either, you may want to find other ways to gather information about whoever you’re searching for.
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Looking to Learn About an American?

Typically, people from outside the United States can just use a public record search engine to find information about an American. However, you may need to use a VPN to make it seem like you are searching from the US in some cases. One great way to find information about Americans is People Finders.

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Final Thoughts

Finding information on someone in another country can be challenging, but not if you take the proper steps. Remember to look at area codes and country calling codes, start with the information you know and read up on the legality of searching public records in other countries.

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