Top Reasons To Depend Upon NCERT Books For Class 8 Maths

The world is going through a difficult time, but education hasn’t stopped as education found its new way of teaching i.e., the online education system. The questions that arise here if online education is better than offline? Will students learn the concepts in the same way as they used to learn in their school? Will they understand mathematics through online classes? There are tons of questions that you will have in your mind as a parent or as a student.

Let’s try to find out the answer to these questions and the better ways that will make this online teaching more interesting. We can’t say online teaching is as good as offline, but it differs from person to person. Most of the students are unable to understand mathematics in the online classes, maybe because they didn’t understand the concept in just one example, or they have doubts and teachers don’t have time to solve doubts in these online classes. The solution for this situation is they can refer to solutions books. In other words, 8th standard students can refer to NCERT solutions class 8 maths.

Due to digitalization, students are referring to e-books and normal books are getting removed from their memory.
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In some cases, e-books are affecting student’s health, therefore students should prefer e-books, but they should have some limits. The benefit of e-book over paper books is that you don’t have to buy paper books and you can easily study online.

Let’s see why one should refer to NCERT solutions of mathematics:

  • If you are someone who is preparing for an entrance exam, medical exam, commerce-related exam, or civil service exam, then you have to study these NCERT books well in your school. You have to clear your basics and it will help you in your entrance exam. You can understand mathematics more practically if you study it from Cuemath. Here, they have provided a proper definition of each math concept with its application.
  • In NCERT books, you will find problems that will make your brain work. While solving the mathematics problems present in the NCERT books, students will understand the concepts more clearly without any sort of doubt.
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    Therefore, this is one of the reasons a student should depend on NCERT books to clear their concepts.
  • The students can learn concepts in the online teaching but for more clarification, they have to use some extra material.
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    The extra material could be watching a video about the same topic on the internet, practicing some examples related to that topic, and many more.
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    This extra material also includes NCERT books and solutions.
  • NCERT books are designed by experts and hence they contain knowledge of each concept in depth. Students can easily and thoroughly understand the math concept if they study them from NCERT books.
  • As you know these books strictly follow the CBSE board pattern, hence you don’t have to worry about the entrance exam. Therefore, studying these books and solutions is sufficient for every student.
  • All the concepts are explained in easy and practical language, so you don’t have to learn anything while reading these books. These books will help you understand the concept fundamentally.
  • As you know practice makes man perfect and these books offer you multiple problems which will make you strong in mathematics.

Now you must have understood why should students of 8th class or any class depend upon NCERT books? How do they become good in mathematics if they refer to NCERT solutions? You should understand mathematics with a proper step-by-step guide, then only you will be able to solve problems in a faster way. Don’t treat maths as a burden, make it interesting with a few interesting facts and tricks. You will find several methods of understanding each math concept on the internet.

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