Top Applications in 2021 That Use React. Js and Why

Today over 1 million customers use React. Js for their web designing and many factors fuel the favoritism among software developers. If you are trying to make your pick as to which JavaScript framework to opt for, here’s to help you decide whether react. js can be ideal for your operations. And to integrate this JavaScript framework to its full capability in your work, look up tutorials, instructions, or for a holistic React. Js training which can help you stand out in your creations. It is simple and easy to learn, so don’t worry and get started.

Here’s a list of the top 7 Applications that use Node Js:


Facebook the most popularly used social media platform with over 2 billion users, does not just use React but also built its library initially as well as rewrote it. 2017’s react fiber the rewritten version by Facebook has rectified most problems with the framework.

Reasons for Their Use:

  • The component structure of the Facebook page will load immediately and then uploading other details and then the ability to interact with it. The response process and time is an attractive factor.


Everyone simply loves Netflix’s user interface. It is too one of the most popular streaming apps in 2021 and has been for a while. Although there have been updates, react. Js remains at its much-built core. React.js has today powered Netflix’s impressive UI that lets each user have an immersive experience with easy use and access.

Reason for Their Use:

  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Impressive startup speed and runtime performance.


Uber used React. Js from the very first setup of the application and continued with it to develop Uber Eats. Alongside, with the creation of Uber, the Web developers also created many open-source libraries that you too can use in your web design.
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Reasons for Use:

  • Attain improved UI with seamless navigation.
  • Easy and Improved interaction between multiple sources, i.e. clients, restaurants, valets, and drivers.
  • Multiple device access.
  • Reliability and customization.


Airbnb is an attractive application used all around the globe where all tourists and travelers resort to. Its heavy and extensive number of operations greatly relies on React.Js’ front-end development and also went on to work with Facebook’s React Native.
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However, this was unfavorable to their operations so they turned to sunset React Native in 2018.

Reason for Use:

  • High reusability and refactorability of React Components.
  • Great potential to scale operations and handle any idea, content, and workload.
  • Offers optimum user and developer satisfaction.
  • Reduced work by half.


The Instagram web page application completely uses React and nothing else and also claims the 17% of its users that come from the desktop are credited to this powerful framework. Now, even the mobile application uses React for many of its operations.
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Reason for Use:

Other popular applications and websites such as Twitter, PayPal, Instacart, and many more use React.
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js for their several developmental operations. If you too want to scale up to higher into the industry, get your React training from Knowledge Hut, to learn why and how to use React to the maximum success and even interact with established web designers and learn why they use React.

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