Top 5 Styling Tips for Your TV Stand

Many people found their TV setup lacking after being forced to sit in front of the TV for long hours because of the pandemic.
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While wall-mounted TVs were all the rage for a while, TV stands are back, owing to their versatility. The best part is you do not even require an expensive one. 

Today you can find several discount TV stands online to suit your aesthetic needs. The question of styling remains. Your entire room is framed around your TV stand.
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It needs to catch eyes but also match the flow of the rest of the house. 

How to Decorate Your TV Stand

If you are unsure about decorating your TV stand, here are some tips that might come in handy. 

Subtle Diversity is the way to go.

The thing to remember with a TV stand is that you already have the star of the show- your TV. So, the additions you make must compliment it and add flavour to the black rectangle. 

One exciting way is to play with shapes and colours. The addition of classic shapes like vases and candlesticks can help add elegance and diversity. When adding colours, make sure that they are not too many or too loud. 

Translucent vases, either empty or a simple white flower, can give your TV stand a chic look. In contrast, you can add an empty mottled glass vase to create an interesting texture along with the colour. 

Add Healthy or Faux Greens

If you are a plant parent, you would not want to miss the chance to showcase your babies. On the other hand, if you are not the best at maintaining plants, you can pick from the hundreds of stylish faux plant options. 

Plants add a glimpse of the outdoors to your living room and some colour and life. They also have a positive impact on your mood and help with stress relief. 

For styling, you can go for an all-green look by bringing in exciting shapes, sizes, and textures of leaves. Alternately, you can opt for flowers in mild, neutral tones. 

Keep it Minimalist and Neutral.

A muted TV stand can be an advantage when planning to style it. However, you want to make sure not to clutter the space and keep some of the minimal vibe intact. Pick three to four décor items that complement the colour of the stand and match other elements in your living room. 

Try various combinations and placements to find the best look. Stacking accessories like placing a delicate showpiece on top of a book can look clean and modern.
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You could also frame some minimal paintings to go above your TV.

Get on the Mid-Century Modern Train

If you are open-minded when looking for discount TV stands, you can find something truly timeless. Retro TV stands tend to have neutral colours and clean lines, which accurately match a modern home’s aesthetics. 

To add to the old-fashioned charm, add accent pieces with unique geometric designs and handmade busts or small sculptures to complete the look. 

Frame it With Bookcases

Your house might have a lot of storage but not enough shelves. Adding bookcases that match the TV stand on either side can make the room look very organised. Then you can play with the arrangement of books and their colours to curate the ambience you desire. 

Your TV stand forms the highlight of your living room. However, you need not spend a lot of money on it. Instead, buy discount TV stands online and then use innovative, modern décor techniques to uplift the room’s mood. This way, you get room to add personal touches and make the room truly yours. 

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