Things we need to know about the Battery in Honor Magic V

Honor appears to be the company that does everything in its power to squeeze every last drop of smartphone technology into a phone-sized body, with an audacious new project: the honor foldable phone.
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With a massive 4,750mAh battery inside the HONOR Magic V, it’s powered by an advanced dual-circuit design that can charge up 50% in just 15 minutes! The powerful charger supports 66W of power and enables users to enjoy all day use.

The energy efficiency technology cuts down on electricity usage, while current overload and overcharge protective circuits prevent over-use, ensuring that the devices are not squandered. A digital power control method regulates energy consumption according to processing speeds, saving energy and extending the life of electronics.
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This also aids in the conservation of energy and improves battery performance.

Long-lasting Battery

The battery system of the Honor Magic V folding phones is made up of parallel and series connections. This allows for a longer-lasting and more power-dissipating battery. It’s a really efficient method, which is why it’s used in all new foldable phone models.

“How long do the batteries in the Honor Magic V last with a lot of use?” is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer, as with other aspects of technology, is that it depends.
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This isn’t a precise science, and there are several variables to consider when determining how long your phone will really be used.

The batteries are sized at 4750 mAh each, but the average capacity is only around 4000 mAh. Li-Ion batteries are designed to handle a lot of current draw and can therefore provide higher power than conventional NiCad cells. They also have a lower internal resistance, allowing them to dissipate more energy as heat before declining voltage.

Non-removable batteries

Li-Po 4750 mAh non-removable batteries power the Honor Magic V folding phones. This is a large battery with a strong performance that allows the phone to survive for around 24 hours of talking time and 9 hours of video viewing.

People were concerned about their batteries dying too quickly several years ago, when phones were getting thinner and lighter at an incredible rate. As a result, manufacturers began developing non-removable batteries that made cellphones thinner even if they weren’t replaceable.

Then there was a time when all phones looked identical.
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And now you can see more diverse shapes, such as foldable phones and dual-screen handsets – which imply that batteries aren’t as simple to replace as they used to be.

Ways to make the battery last longer

  • To extend the life of your phone, keep it cool when charging. A lot people know that extreme temperatures can affect battery life but many forget our phones generate heat too!
  • Instead of draining your battery fully and then charge it back up, you should charge your phone frequently. This will prevent battery death and ensure a longer lifespan for both you as well as any devices using this same Lithium-Ion power source!
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  • When you’re running on a low battery, the Low Power Mode automatically kicks in and takes some proactive measures to increase your efficiency. You might not be aware of all these actions but they’ll help!


The Honor Magic V is a foldable phone that uses a dual battery management system. This system helps to conserve more energy and boost battery performance. The batteries in the phone are rated at 4750 mAh each and are non-removable. So, if you are looking for a powerful phone with a long-lasting battery, this honor foldable phone is a great option.

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