Things to Know About Pool Controller

If you’re looking for a quality pool controller that is both low cost and reliable, look no further than Process Pools’ newest line of pool controllers, the AutoPool® and AutoPool®4.0. This latest range of pool controllers is Process Pools’ 3rd generation model in a business that has been making pool controllers for over 14 years. With multi-parameter control, the AutoPool® is one of the most sophisticated pool controllers on the market with functionality that’s second to none. There are 7 versions of the AutoPool® to choose from but can be as customizable to meet customer requirements e.g., Ph correction and disinfection control via relays and 4-20mA output. Plus, LAN full 2-way remote access (IoT). Built-in safety cut-off system using integral flow switch and over feed protection interlocks with the option of up to 20 sensors and 100 different configurations.

Business model of pool collectors

A full-scale professional swimming pool system can accurately measure parameters like pH, temperature and chlorine levels without having to be on site. This in turn makes its low maintenance and cost attractive to maintenance contractors.

PT100 temperature sensor

This in-built temperature sensor is included as standard with the AutoPool® controller. It is a type of Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) that detects the temperature based on the change in the value of the resistance.
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Since it can withstand high, it is used in high vibration applications such as pools.

These controllers are easy to install and maintain, thanks to their simple modular design which makes it appealing to most municipal pools.

Key Features of Process Pools pool controllers

Process Pools’ always strives to be at the forefront of producing environmentally Sound controllers with less chemicals and lower electricity usage. The fact that all Process Pool systems are made in the UK means the highest quality workmanship is put into each build.

Sensors come pre-configured to suite most spas and pools, All Controllers are easy to install; come with a bespoke installation manual and video user guide for pool operators. The simplified user interface on the AutoPool® controller is an attractive feature for maintenance professionals because it eliminates issues caused by human error.

The company has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, no surprise with its latest pool controllers that have the ability to connect to almost any building management system that can be controlled remotely with its world’s first MQTT live data connection.
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All controllers come with a three year no quibble warranty with online support.

Making Pool and Spa controllers attractive

The company is now looking for resellers and private contractors that have links to the Pool and Spa industry. There is an option for private label branding and geographical exclusivity and extensive product training and online support.

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