Things To Do In Denver WITH KIDS: For Family Travelers

Colorado has so many attractions that you may need a week or two to explore it in all kinds of ways. Of course, kids need a bit more than walking in nature and admiring the best mountain views. Don’t worry, Colorado has much to offer for the whole family in every region of the state. Traveling with kids you’d better make a plan of your adventure beforehand by asking your kids what they want to see the most. Also, before you travel, check for any COVID-related restrictions at your intended destination!]

Planning a trip to Denver

Traveling with children it is important to plan where you are going to rent a car. Many travelers trust the airport locations. First of all, car rental in Denver airport is easy to find. Secondly, it can be tough to find a taxi or a shuttle to get to the city car rental location with kids and luggage.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself when planning a family road trip:

  • Who is going on the road trip?
  • What type of car are you going to rent?
  • When are you planning to go and for how long?
  • What kind of activities do you want to do?
  • How much stuff do you need to travel with?



  • Go to Central city park

The central park is the biggest in Denver, available for locals and tourists for free. Actually, it has many interesting attractions for kids and their parents such as having fun at the playground, playing tennis at the tennis courts, or boat in the lakes. How about picnicking? There is also a chance to watch a concert that is usually held outdoors. 

  • Go to Denver Zoo

Of course, you just can’t miss visiting the Zoo. It is situated next to the city park so that you can park your car somewhere and get there on foot. Read everything about car parking in Denver before traveling around Denver by car. A local Zoo takes care of more than 4 000 animals. Your kids will be amazed to see elephants, lions, and zebras in the wild.Read more  mangadex

  • Visit Nature museum

Do your kids think that visiting museums is unbearably boring? Take them to the Museum of Nature. Here you can explore dinosaurs, learn more about space objects, be frightened of Egyptian mummies. The museum welcomes you to a 3-D cinema to watch educational films for different ages. 

  • Go to Denver Aquarium

The huge building is situated not far from the museum. Here, you can find thousands of sorts of fish and reptiles. There is also an option to feed the sharks and even swim with them. Choose what your kids like the most.


  • Visit Firefighters museum

Drive your rental car to Fire Department 1, Kids love visiting this museum because of the offered activities. They can try equipment, ride on a fire truck, and buy souvenirs in a souvenir shop. Also, there is an exhibition area where you can learn more about fire safety and prevention.

  • Go to the Center of Colorado history

This is a place where history comes to life. At first, you are offered to watch amazing interactive shows and movies. It’s like using a “time machine.” Actually, the presentation is built on the theory of using a virtual time machine in the form of a legendary Ford model.


  • Go to Dinosaur Ridge 

This outdoor exhibition has more than a typical history museum can offer. This is a unique place where you can see the bones of a real dinosaur, and their footprints in the stones. Also, you can book a tour through the museum territory to explore it in your own way. 

  • Visit Pavilion of butterflies 

The pavilion can be found in a 20-minute drive from the city center. The most impressive indoor walk is waiting for your family. Actually, you will walk around the tropical forest, filled with more than 1 500 beautiful butterflies.

  • Go to NCAR

What is NCAR? Drive your rental car to the Center for Atmospheric Researches to see how climate changes and what we can expect in future. You have an opportunity to see a hailstone the size of a tennis ball and watch a mini-tornado. visit the site beetv

It’s so great to travel with kids especially if you know where to go and what to do. Colorado is an amazing territory, in some places green, in some places mountainous. It has many interesting activities for your family if you build up your route in the right way. click here youtuber streamer

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