The Real Estate Photography Pricing Guide You Needed

Establishing a real estate photographing business appears to be beneficial for many photographers. But have you taken the effort to figure out what your price point should be? If that’s the case, you’re not lonely.

It’s difficult for many real estatephotographers to choose how much to charge for their services. Sigh in relief if the notion of determining price makes you nervous. The price for a real estate photography services provider will be explained in this article.

What to Consider When Setting Your Pricing and Packages?

If you’re considering establishing a profession as a skilled real estate photographer, you’ll have to figure out just how much you should charge.

Note the labor you’ll engage in beyond the real estate photography itself, such as preparing, travel, as well as the time it would take you to retouch the images when determining your pricing. Following are some factors you should consider before charging:

1. Average Fee:

The typical charge comprises a real estate photographer’s projected range of events per year.

For instance, if you offer 0 for every picture shoot and only have 90 appointments annually, you will only earn ,500 yearly.
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Moreover, because this type of business entails expenditures, real estate photographers will not bring home every penny.

As you can tell, using a single, comparable average fee for all meetings each year isn’t optimal; real estate photographers must compute it based on the other criteria we’ll discuss next.

2. Experience:

Your earnings can be determined by your expertise in the sector, whether you work for a photographic firm or operate your own business. Even if a fresh photographer performs the same work as a well-regarded photographer, the newcomer will be paid less.

Understanding how to operate a camera does not equate to becoming a skilled photographer. Clients need photographers that can capture and highlight the most appealing features of a house or other property. This capacity can only be acquired via education and experience.
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3. Leave Room for Down Time:

Year-round, there would be busy periods as well as slack periods. Remember that we will only be compensated when we function as a small business. If you formerly had a 9-5 job, you had a relatively stable source of money.

You may have even gotten paid time off! When determining your price structure, make sure to account for downtime and vacation time. Assume you’ll be working 44 weeks each year. This will assist you in compensating for rest, vacations, and hectic times.

4. Time of Day:

Because it could perhaps be tough to schedule filming times with the owners and estate agent, you may be assigned to photograph during odd hours.

Capturing high-quality real estate photographs after sunset or in the night requires more technology and retouching than daytime sessions, so be sure you have all the specifics before giving your client your final price.

5. Number of Images:

The more photographs consumers desire, the more hours you have to shoot and process, just like any other sort of shoot. Thus it’s appropriate to consider a high asking price.

For example, a real estate photographer may charge $150 for 12 images delivered within 24 hrs after the photo session.

However, keep in mind that some buyers may find the cost per image a little higher. However, this is an excellent alternative for real estate photographers who are used to working under pressure.

6. Cost of Transport:

Among the most important factors to consider for professional photographer when pricing is business miles. Please take into account how long it’d take you to arrive. For example, if you’re going 100 miles from your house to the picture session site, request an extra $200 for traveling fees.

You must also include petrol, repair, and depreciation if you own a car. However, if the shooting is within your delivery area, may regard reducing the travel cost.

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