The importance of good reputation in your hotel

Nowadays, internet reputation management should be one of the vital hotel areas, regardless of whether it is an independent hotel or a hotel chain.
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Every hotel management should pay attention to this new sector, which is increasingly significant in their daily operations as it immediately affects customer choice and directly affects financial outcomes in review management system.

Besides focusing on hotel performance metrics, KPIs, and the necessity for increased control, the manager can and should also use tools to make management more accessible in this new environment, where customer satisfaction is becoming more crucial.

How does the Reputation Management of a hotel affect income?

Online negative comments should be a source of incentive or concern to independent hotel owners or quality management of big chains! All those who have opinions on a product or service can communicate it quickly on social media or channels today. Customers are frequently looking for internet hotel reviews before clicking on the Book button. The impact of negative or positive customer reviews on hotel revenues may worry guests who leave hotel reviews and discuss their experiences to increase TripAdvisor reviews.

The internet reputation is the result of guest experience sharing channels, and these same travelers visit sites. They discover the best prices and discounts and for a more realistic depiction of the hotel that books. However, the possible guest considers the details that weigh the most in his choice.

This traveler tries to understand what people say about hotels before confirming any reservation. In many circumstances, the views of past guests will have a definite effect on hotel decisions. A study from Harvard University suggests that one extra star might imply an average 9 percent boost in sales. That is why a more excellent rating on a channel can certainly determine more considerable hotel revenues. We, therefore, have several aspects that the management of independent hotels and chains should analyze:

  • What hotel visitors say in a text or a photo about various services influences other potential consumers, affecting their hotel income.
  • The online reputation of the hotel is of enormous value and must be part of marketing planning (84 percent of travelers say that the polite, respectful response of the business traveler is essential when they read reviews and plan a better trip*).
  • The main work in the hospitality sector is to please guests, and a strong internet reputation management will aid in this process if that is a priority for the hotel management for white label review management software!
  • Today, when our customer becomes the king, you can see that various customer experience approaches have been established.
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    Online solid management of a hotel’s reputation can do wonders if strategically handled by the hotel.
  • All situations cannot be controlled all the time! Sometimes bad things happen, so it is vital to establish a management plan for the hotel’s reputation online.
  • The excellent news is that online hotel reputation management is not a significant task if carried out appropriately and using a management platform.

How to manage a good internet hotel reputation?

  • The hotel should give priority to guests and create an enhanced experience before making a hotel booking.
  • Hotel workers should be trained to place client experience at the heart of all they do. This means paying close attention to your needs while searching for feedback proactively.
  • The hotel should take care of guests’ particular preferences or needs and include these preferences in some systems if possible since such information might be valuable in the future when the guest comes back to the hotel.
  • Hotels should react personally and directly to channel comments, avoiding generic reactions (79 percent stated individualized hotel responses make feedback more helpful, emphasizing the necessity of managing reactions*).
  • Happy visitors who give testimonials are boosters of the hotel, making sure others know more about the hotel by publishing review pictures or videos that strengthen the strengths of the competition.
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