The Benefits of Online Cloud Storage Over On-Site Cloud Services

Many years ago, if you wanted your company to be able to have computers remotely communicate with each other, you would have to invest into on-site cloud services. These on-site services would be effective for the company, but these specific types of cloud services have become less common nowadays. Outside of certain situations, it’s often better to invest in cloud storage over on-site cloud services.
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Here’s why you should consider online cloud storage instead.

  1. Plug-N-Play

With online cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about the setup process. The setup process for on-site cloud storage is often very long and difficult, and may require multiple individuals to help. When it comes to online cloud storage, you just select the specific type of storage you want, and you’re done. You can set up these services often within just a few minutes, rather than the days or weeks that on-site cloud services may require.

  1. Always Accessible

If a problem happens with on-site cloud services, your cloud services are gone until an IT expert is able to figure out the problem and fix it. That means it can be very complicated to deal with on-site cloud services. On the other hand, many online cloud services are able to stay up essentially at all times. Because online cloud services have a significant number of devices connected to the cloud all the time, they’re able to keep working even if part of the server goes down.

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  1. No Extra Hiring Requirements

On-site cloud services require on-site workers. Typically, these are workers that your company will have to directly hire. That means you’ll have more employees, even if you’re hiring through an outsourced company. The amount of money that you spend on on-site workers for cloud services may be fairly significant; although this can be worth it for some businesses that really need on-site services, most companies will work just fine with online services.

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  1. Infinitely Expandable

If you want to expand your on-site cloud services, you’ll need to buy more devices that can allow you to store more information on them. If you want to expand online cloud services, you just have to go on the website and purchase more space. Online cloud services are essentially infinitely expandable, as your company will never take up enough space to outgrow the space that online cloud services have available. On the other hand, on-site cloud services can only grow as much as the physical space you have available for storage devices.

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If you’re interested in moving forward with cloud services of any kind, you’re probably going to want to consider online cloud services over on-site cloud services. There’s definitely a place for on-site cloud services, but their place is typically less common nowadays. Rather, you’re going to be looking for online cloud services, even if you have a large company, as it provides you with a variety of benefits that you won’t be able to get with on-site services.
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