Tech Skills That COVID-19 Has Made Crucial For Everyone To Master

On one fine day when everything was moving at its pace, COVID-19 struck the world and literally repositioned the whole globe upside down!

Yes, we all saw how people got trapped into their houses and only one thing connected them, which was “technology”.

Technology is revolutionizing at a brisk speed that calls for mastering a few tech skills, especially a situation like COVID-19 has been an eye-opener for everyone to realize that WORLD CAN COME TO A FULL STOP BUT THINGS SHOUDN’T STOP IN ANY CASE!

Therefore, we came across several tech skills that became mandatory to learn.

These tech skills are not limited to a certain time period. In fact, if you master these tech skills today, you will secure your future.

Wondering what those tech skills are that COVID-19 has made crucial for everyone to master? Have a look!

1. Cybersecurity

According to a survey, around 70% of the people leveled up their tech skills during COVID-19 in order to remain employed. The survey simply conveys the value of packing your armory with the best tech skills so that you never run out of money!

Mastering a tech skill like cybersecurity is extremely vital to securing servers and sensitive information.

During COVID-19, businesses were short of cybersecurity professionals. As unemployment rose, hackers entered into the systems and the damage was inevitable.

So, if you learn cybersecurity, you can conquer all situations.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Jointly known as Extended Reality (XR), it has taken over the world with a bang! In 2025, the XR market is going to amass a whopping $198.17 billion.

No industry would be able to survive without AR and VR. Be it advertising, medical, entertainment, or business sector, everyone’s going to need XR for their own promotion. Plus, people would look forward to XR as it would offer them a relatively fresh experience.

Talking about COVID-19, if today we had enough XR resources, the vaccination process would’ve been definitely a breeze!

5 years down the line, the impact of XR would be clearly evident.

3. Data Science

Data Science is undoubtedly a growing field in 2021 and it’s going to remain with us. The pandemic led us to see how important it was to supervise data. On the other hand, this tech skill will make you significant for present as well as for the future. You’ll be able to predict what’s coming tomorrow.

Thankfully, data scientists hold a strong grip on the world’s future.

When statistics combine with machine learning, the output is always useful and accurate for the coming days.

So, if you’re about to enter this field, make sure you have the needed data literacy skills in order to get going with it.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A LinkedIn’s Emerging Job Report of the UK highlighted Artificial Intelligence as the most demanded skill in 2020. It was a difficult year but people emerged just because they equipped themselves with dominating tech skills.

Hence, if you master the right skills, there will be no stopping.

Remember, AI will dominate the world!

5. IT Developers

Today, we see a huge demand for IT developers.

However, the demand is only going to grow as everyone in the future would like to handle everything remotely. So, for an effortless experience, people would ask IT developers to develop such applications that let them take a sigh of relief while they sip their coffee.

Indeed conducted a study for finding the best jobs in 2020 and as expected, developers acquired the second rank.

We’ve already witnessed how hard it is to oversee remote networks as there’s less availability of apt software and applications.

But, just an app or mere software would connect the whole world in the future!

6. Cloud Computing

Businesses are now realizing the need for cloud computing due to unassailable growth. Cloud computing lets businesses conduct their operations without worrying to risk their important information.

To cut the story short, cloud computing is here to stay. With the ever-increasing bulk of data, the need to secure it is also a headache. But, if you rely on cloud computing, you’ll have a protected place to keep all your data without even losing a single file.

According to a report from Research and Markets, the cloud computing industry would grow up to $832.1 billion by 2025 which easily depicts the never-ending scope of this industry.

7. Data Visualization

If not anything else, then Data Visualization has to be an industry that we needed the most during the lethal pandemic. Every business meeting was becoming difficult to understand due to raw figures accompanied by a remote environment.

Nonetheless, with Data Visualization, raw facts and figures become animated and quite easy to grasp.

Thanks to the vibrant and dynamic graphs and charts, everything appears to be right in front of us!

If people master Data Visualization, their skill of rendering knowledge would increase like no other thing.

In the coming years, there’s a need to do everything in a fascinating manner!

8. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is linked with everything that’s concerned with the internet. And do I need to really stress how important the internet has become today?

To be precise, when you talk through the internet that’s IoT in a nutshell!

The smartwatches, the smartphones, and all the other networks that keep you connected even when there’s a huge distance are really something that we are going to need today and years after. During the pandemic, 79% of businesses ventured towards developing IoT projects.

Moreover, those companies that were already experimenting on IoT projects invested more in this field, knowing that how crucial it’s going to master this tech skill in the coming future!

The Bottom Line

Mastering new tech skills should always be your topmost priority. Nonetheless, in a situation like COVID-19, you’re forced to take a few steps. But, if you finally take these steps and learn these TECH skills, your life would be stress-free and destined towards achieving a bright future. So, what are you waiting for?


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