Sweater; the cosy and comfortable attire for all season

Sweaters are lifesavers during the winter seasons.
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However, in the present time, the usage of sweaters has become multi-purpose. Now sweaters can be worn in summer too, in a very stylish manner. Previously, a knit sweater was homemade, but with the advancement of techniques and tools, the knit sweaters gained popularity across the globe.

The sweaters are made up of knitted materials with long sleeves. This crocheted material often covers the upper part of the body. These sweaters are worn by everyone, irrespective of gender, age and culture. Woollen material was the initial material used to knit sweaters; however, nowadays, synthetic fibres and cotton are often used to knit the sweaters.

Kinds of sweater:-

The sweater is often associated with a piece of knitted garments. Nowadays, the pullover and a cardigan are also known as sweaters. Different necklines are associated with a sweater; they are-

  • Turtleneck
  • V-neck
  • Crew neck

The structure of a sweater is meant to provide warmth in the body. This was the main reason why from ancient times, sweaters were made up of thick materials. However, with the advancement of time, the need for thin material to make sweaters emerged, which has become essential in every climate. Today, sweaters have become an important source of clothing for every age group from the west to the east.

Sweaters are called different names across the globe; some people call them Jerseys. However, others called them jumpers, sweatshirts, waistcoats and pullovers.
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Not all of them need to be in the knitted form; however, the purpose of all of them is to provide comfort and cover the body. Sweaters in western countries are used more often compared to eastern countries because of the climatic vulnerability of the western countries. However, the pure form of the knitted sweater is more common in South Asian countries, where sweaters are handmade and traditionally woven. Sweaters are nowadays coming in a variety of forms and are also used by many for multi-purpose. For example, people can wear it on any costume, whether it is a cultural costume or a sports costume.

In modern society, these sweaters have become essential for every wardrobe, which provides classic looks. Sweaters can be easily maintained by dry cleaning or washing using a pill razor or a lint roller. Rinsing the knit sweater in pure water is better than washing with detergent or soap. Sometimes, the sweater can also be washed with lanolin that can be removed later from the wool with the help of detergent that helps the woolshed dirt and water and repels.

Sweaters are versatile clothing that can go with any outfit. There are different usages of sweaters. For example, sweaters are the perfect set of materials that can be worn above any attire while travelling to or just sitting at home.
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Sportspeople generally wear the sweater with their sports knit.

Sweaters can also be used as the perfect cover underneath any skirt or pants, which can be removed when it is uncomfortably warm, making it presentable in many situations. Sweaters can also be layered to allow temperature regulation, as it is a major benefit of the sweater.
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Why are sweaters so common in modern society?

It provides safety from the climate and provides warmth in winter. It also enhances the looks of the person who generally wears it.

Sweaters have become the cosiest and comfortable all-time cloth used for multi-purpose occasions. It is one of the most important, stylish and amazing pieces of clothing for individuals across the globe.

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