If you are looking for a non-toxic sleep8 CPAP cleaner, then look no further. Sleep8 is the first and only CPAP cleaner that is safe to use with any mask or tubing. It’s also the only one that will not remove all of your moisture because it can be used without water! You won’t have to worry about getting sick from breathing in bacteria either, because this amazing product uses natural ozone technology to kill 99% of all germs.
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With Sleep8, you’ll never have another sleepless night due to dirty equipment again!
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How it Works

The idea for this product is pretty simple, but the science behind it is quite complicated. It all starts with the ozone chamber on the top of Sleep8 that eliminates 99% of all germs and bacteria in less than 5 minutes. As these air molecules are released into your mask or tubing, they attach to any dirt particles within the equipment causing them to break down. This natural process is known as oxidation, which actually takes place when you cut an apple or avocado in half. After the oxidation has taken place, it causes a chemical change where electrons are moved around and eventually lead to death.
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Basically, what you’re breathing is just freshly cleaned air with no bacteria! The more you use it, the cleaner your CPAP equipment will become because Sleep8 never touches your mask or tubing — it only changes the air around you.

What’s the Best Way to Use It?

The best way to get maximum results from sleep8 CPAP cleaner is to use it before going to bed every night. Simply plug in your CPAP Cleaner and turn it on, then put your mask inside of the chamber for at least 5 minutes before you plan on using it for the night. You can even leave it in there while you sleep! After that, simply take out the mask and attach it back onto your face just like normal. If you’re a side sleeper, then I would recommend flipping over so that no bacteria collects on only one side of your face throughout the night instead of all of it.

Sleep8 is the First and Only CPAP Cleaner That Does Not Use Water

Most people don’t like to use water inside their equipment because it can damage certain materials or ruin the entire device, which typically has a 1-year warranty that doesn’t cover any water damage. Even the tools that come with your machine will tell you to never get anything wet while cleaning it because nothing good comes from water exposure. However, Sleep8 requires NO WATER because there’s no way for bacteria or germs to get trapped inside of a chamber full of ozone molecules without any moisture whatsoever to help them grow. In fact, this product is so safe that dentists have been recommending it!
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Instead of washing away chemicals, you’re just cutting out the source of 99% of germs on your sleep8 CPAP cleaner.

Proper Care Will Keep Your Equipment Working for Years to Come

In order to get the most from your Sleep8, it’s recommended that you use it at least once every week. However, do keep in mind that some people may need more often than others — especially if they live in a very humid climate or have a lot of pets inside their home. Typically, any part that makes contact with skin should be washed and disinfected at least every month. This is how dentists recommend keeping teeth clean and healthy too! As long as you take proper care of your mask and tubing though, they’ll last several years so don’t worry about having to get a new one any time soon.

Even if you have the most expensive CPAP machine on the market, it will never work properly without properly-cleaned equipment. If you don’t want to deal with dried up mask cushions and dirty tubing every day, then just get yourself a Sleep8! You can start improving your sleep quality today by clicking here. Unavoidable daily needs.

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