Should I Keep a Data Recovery Service on Hand at All Times?

A lot of people think when someone suggests having a company on hand, they mean an ongoing, per diem contract or something that continually costs significant amounts of money. However, that’s not exactly what we’re talking about here. What we are advocating for is already having a relationship with a recovery service, because you don’t want to have to find a recovery service after your data has been compromised.

As a successful business person, perhaps someone who has been fortunate enough to not suffer any major disasters when it comes to your computers, you probably feel pretty invincible. Well, sooner or later, something is guaranteed to go wrong. It doesn’t necessarily have to come from the Internet, the cybercrime is still very much a thing, and it has taken on some clever new forms in recent years.
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We’ll get back to that in a minute, but first, there are some unavoidable and random disasters that can make data recovery services extremely important.

Sometimes, storage devices fail. Even solid-state drives can malfunction, the traditional hard drives, which are still far more ubiquitous, failed by sheer use over enough time. Along with this, a lightning strike or power surge in the wrong place can seriously mess up your data center, failed to mention things like fires, severe storms, you name it.
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Sometimes they just stop working for no apparent reason whatsoever that an average person could ever deduce.

Of course, before searching for data recovery UK, you should also be aware of the cybercrime dangers that are out there, because they are a lot more insidious than the corporate espionage shown in older movies. One common thing, ransomware, has been a real problem in recent years. This evil type of software invades a system and encrypts everything it finds. This makes all of the data within its reach completely impossible to read without a cipher which is being held hostage by the unsavory individuals who deployed this attack. They will demand crypto currency in exchange for the cipher, and while it can be undone, you usually need a trained expert to do so. This is where data recovery UK services can be crucial, as there are intrepid technology specialists know all about cryptography, and they have access to computing equipment that can, at worst case scenario, brute force that stuff into compliance.

However, even discounting natural disasters, structural disasters and cybercrime, there are still a host of other things that can very much go wrong that also mean you should have a recovery service on hand and ready to go. Recently, Facebook accidentally made themselves vanish from the Internet simply by configuring a single file in their system the wrong way. They thankfully didn’t need a data recovery service to fix this, but most such obvious and accidental human mistakes do often result in the need for major recovery projects.

Something as simple as a novice computer user, or a long-time employee of your company whose professional life predates regular use of modern systems could very accidentally wipe out an entire database, file or even an entire server without even realizing it. This happens all the time, and it used to be something almost impossible for even the best recovery services to actually fix.

Sometimes, simply updating Windows or Mac OS can result in files seeming to vanish, software no longer working, data corrupting irreparably. When this happens, you will be glad you have a recovery service on hand to quickly untangle the mess this can cause. The geniuses working for these companies also understand the latest systems, updates from previous versions as well as major changes to widely-used business software suites, thus they know exactly what to do to get you back to operational capacity, and to get your data readable and compatible once more.

It doesn’t even take human error for this kind of thing to happen, though. As mentioned briefly before, sometimes technology simply breaks for no apparent reason. Quite simply, a zero going were a one should go in some process can result in an entire system failing, and all of the data and partitioning being completely turned upside down on a hard drive. Literally, and you can ask a physicist about this, a neutrino emitted by the sun could just so happen have the perfect trajectory to interfere with an electron in a system, causing wide-spread corruption if it was a broad-sweeping command to manipulate data. These odds may seem astronomical, but when you consider the amount of radiation the sun puts out, this may actually explain a lot of the “gremlins” from which the services have to help a lot of businesses recover.

There is also the case of migration, with old data that you have kept perhaps on disks or backup tapes for years needing to be put into a modern database to homogenize all of your records. Bit rot is a real problem, something that happens to optical media, magnetic media and even older flash media that has set for too long. Did you know that a thumb drive will actually lose all of its data after a period of 10 years or so being inactive in a drawer? Recovering data in this situation used to be theorize to be completely impossible, but a lot of recovery services have had some luck and doing some deep-level analysis of the physical storage media inside thumb drives to deduce what they ones and zeros originally were, and possibly recovering all of the data in the process.

Don’t wait until you need data recovery services to have a good relationship with the provider. If something happens to your data, every second you can’t use it, you are hemorrhaging money. Even if you have backups, they will be outdated, and in modern business, even being a day behind on changes to your data can be certain death as far as the business world goes.

While there are cases where data flat out can’t be recovered, there aren’t very many of those situations nowadays, so if you choose the right service, they can pretty much guarantee that your data will be restored as quickly as possible.

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