Shopify Vs. Wix:

Are you a shopaholic? If your answer to the question is yes, you must have considered making an online brand of your own. As exciting as it sounds, creating an online reputation for your brand is not a piece of cake. Whether you sell online or market your physical merchandise online, you have to follow many marketing parameters. In order to generate good traffic, you must have an online web store. There are many benefits of having an e-commerce website, and we have listed some of them below:

  •         Having a website online makes it easier for your buyers or followers to find you online.
  •         People can quickly know what you do by looking at your online presence.
  •         You can optimize your web store or website and target the audience of your choice.
  •         People or potential buyers can find you through search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Now that we know the benefits of having an online store let us talk about the platforms to build an online store. There are two most famous web hosting providers – Wix and Shopify. They are known as popular eCommerce website-building platforms. However, which one should you choose and which one is better?

User Experience

According to reviews and ratings, Wix has an impressive 4.7-star rating. On the other hand, Shopify is not too far and has a rating of 4.6 stars. The platform you wish to choose will depend on your needs. The factors included are the size of your business, technical knowledge, and many other things. Below we have shared a quick comparison of both platforms for you:


Wix is ideal for small online stores. It is easy to use and offers more excellent value for money. It has a more remarkable design and flexibility and offers fantastic website features.


Shopify is highly recommended for larger scaled businesses. It is less easy to use but offers excellent sales features. It has a perfect customer score as compared to Wix. Moreover, it has designed flexibility with excellent value for money.

We recommend Wix over Shopify for brand-conscious entrepreneurs if you have a small business or a business startup. Shopify is perfect if you have enough technical support, but it is not ideal if you need to run your business quickly. In contrast, Shopify is more scalable and better for a larger store. However, it is more expensive and tricky to get a grip with.

Here are some key features of Shopify and Wix:

  •         Wix is easier and quicker to build than Shopify.
  •         Shopify has more power as compared to Wix, as it can target larger businesses.
  •         Wix is the ideal choice for small businesses and freelancers. It is the best option if you are considering a startup.
  •         Wix is cheaper than Shopify.
  •         Wix offers a variety of creative website freedom. However, Shopify offers better sales tools than Wix.
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  •         Shopify is designed to help people and companies build their stores online. At the same time, Wix is a website builder in general.

Now that we know about both platforms, it might be more complicated to pick the best platform if you do not know your business needs. If you are selling online, time is money.
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It takes a lot of time to generate traffic, build an audience, and find people who like what you are selling. The easier it is to build and manage your store, the easier it will be for you to spend time attracting your customers. While Shopify is very easy to use and highly beginner-friendly, Wix is a winner for starters.

Shopify Vs. Wix: 

Without a doubt, Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that is specifically designed to build stores online. However, it is not beginner-friendly as users have to choose between front and back-end editing. In comparison, Wix has everything in place. When you start with building your online store, you are asked to select your template. There, you can customize everything and magnify your brand with just a few clicks.

Moreover, every Wix template comes with a store page included. There are demo listings available which you can click and add or remove products. You can also create groups and add a collection of better user experiences.

It is essential to keep in mind that if you have a more extensive store inventory, Wix is not a long-run solution. You will eventually find yourself hitting some frustrating barriers. That is where Shopify comes in handy. Shopify is a dedicated ecommerce solution that emphasizes selling and product management. It is ideal for stores with extensive inventories as you can add many products much faster.

Which one is better?

This question is what we come down to the end, and the answer is another question – what are your needs? When thinking about Shopify vs. Wix, we recommend you straight out your expectations from the website and the user experience you want to enjoy. Most importantly, think about your audience for the long-run results!

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