Seven Tips for a Better Screen Recording Experience

Many of us have been joking about how our most-used sentence nowadays has become, “Is my screen visible?” In today’s world of work-from-home, teach-and-learn-from-home proliferation, screen-sharing has become indispensable in cases of meetings, presentations and every other work-related video call.

Therefore, it also becomes essential to record such meetings for future reference.
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Ergo, the need for good screen recording software arises.

Here are 7 tips to optimise the use of your screen recorder software:

  • Prepare a script beforehand

Use an outline or script to guide you through your recording for a better final video. To keep focused, write as much as you need.
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This could be as specific as exact words, a basic list of steps, or any other information that will help you keep on track and avoid forgetting essential aspects.

  • Remove any background noise

Determine the best place for video filming. Ideally, there should be no external sources of interference during recording. If there are any interruptions, it could seriously disrupt the video’s flow and necessitate a lot of post-production editing.
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Any noise, such as a whirling fan or a barking dog, can be picked up by your microphone. Some screen recording tools allow you to ‘clean’ this type of noise from the recording afterward, but it’s better to avoid it altogether.

  • Don’t utilise your computer’s built-in microphone

It’s quick and easy to use, but it won’t produce the best results. To significantly improve the quality of your audio, use an external microphone.

  • While recording, make sure that do not disturb mode is turned on

The most annoying thing that happens while you’re recording a video is push notifications. If you want to keep your screen recording from being hampered by alerts, make sure the screen recorder automatically stops push notifications while you’re recording.

  • All other programmes and tabs should be closed

This accomplishes two goals: a) It frees up processing resources on your computer, allowing your screen recording program to function more smoothly, and It eliminates the risk of annoying notifications.

  • Do a mock run beforehand

Choose the screen recording software you’ll use to make the screen recording video. The finest screen recording software should include features like screen annotation, noise cancellation, editor choices, and the ability to record the screen, camera, or both concurrently with audio.

After you’ve decided on screen recording software and installed it, go over the options and create a mock movie to familiarise yourself with the software and make sure it’s operating properly.

  • Use the screen annotations, mouse emphasis, and camera overlay functions in moderation

Users can make the screen recording more entertaining and interactive by using screen annotation, mouse emphasis, and a movable webcam overlay. On the other hand, overusing the tools will result in an unpleasant viewing experience.

The viewer will struggle to understand what is conveyed on screen if the mouse is constantly hovering over the screen and clicking. Similarly, screen drawing or annotations can be a terrific method to make fascinating videos, but they must be used carefully.

  • If at all possible, eliminate errors and unnecessary content

All of us make mistakes. You’ll be recording when your mouse moves to the wrong spot, you click on the wrong thing, or something else unexpected happens. There’s nothing to worry about as it can be fixed.

After the recording is done, use a video editor to trim out any issues. There are various reasons to remove content even if you don’t make any mistakes. It not only makes your film more concise and to-the-point, but it also helps it appear more polished and professional.

  • For added clarity to your recordings, include a quick intro and conclusion

It’s always a good idea to include an opening and outro in your screen recording videos to add value. Explain what will be expressed in the video prior to its filming and what will be recorded after it has been filmed.

It seems that the work-from-home model is here to stay.
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So, it is better to have as many arrows in the screen recording quiver as possible for the best recording experience.
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