SEO Metrics For Business Growth

SEO is a deliberate and methodical science. SEO is not about ranking on page 1. It is important to measure. SEO campaigns need to be able to measure their success.

Metrics of SEO Key Performance Indicator Metrics

What other indicators can be used to assess the success of an SEO campaign than keyword rankings?

Key Performance Indicator 1 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track the number of users who search for Google or other search engines.

Search engines should see an increase in user acquisition. Google analytics can verify this.

Google Analytics can show you how search visibility has increased. You can check user acquisition data to determine the quality and quantity of traffic coming in through Google analytics.
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This data is available in Google Analytics: Direct means how many people type your domain name directly into their web browser. Social refers to how many people are visiting your website via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Unique Page Views

One of the most important metrics for website traffic is unique page views. A pageview is when someone visits your page.

No matter how many times a user views a page, only one pageview is counted.

The percentage of returning users

An increase in unique visitors can indicate that your website is attracting new visitors. Recurring visitors could also mean that your content is authoritative and informative.

Key Performance Indicator 2 – Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the number of people who leave your website after viewing one page. A low bounce rate means that your content meets the user’s needs.

Optimizing your website will make it more relevant and users should find what they are looking for. If your bounce rate was high, this should lead to a decrease in bounce rates.

The time spent on a page or post measures the time it takes to get back to a SERP after clicking on one result. Google considers a page or website an authority if it is visited more often.

Second, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave the site after they have viewed other pages.

You can look at it this way: A page that is getting high traffic means the page is providing the content the user is looking for.

A high bounce rate could indicate that your website isn’t delivering the content below your titles. Google might consider your website to be low-quality and it may not result in strong search rankings.

High-quality, relevant content will lead to lower bounce rates and higher search rankings.

Key Performance Indicator 3 – Average Time on Page

A good copywriting style, high-quality content, and a well-designed site can all lead to a greater time investment on each page. Google considers dwelling time to be an indirect ranking factor.

If the user has fulfilled their intent, then the time spent on a page can be used to indicate this. The user experience is better if the page takes longer.

Key Performance Indicator 4 – Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings are the most popular form of SEO KPIs.

This agreement is usually reached between many SEO agencies clients before an SEO campaign begins.

High search engine rankings don’t always mean that you are in the top 10. Poor site layout or sales copy could be what is causing poor conversions. Keyword rankings are not the only metric that determines success or failure in a marketing campaign (not SEO).
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Key Performance Indicator 5 – Quality of the Types of Landing Pages Queries

When SEO is done correctly, user acquisition via search engines should be based upon the keywords you are targeting.

You can confirm this using Google Analytics, under “queries”.

This way, you can also filter out popular posts or pages and determine which post or page to further optimize/delete/rewrite.

Although your website may have lots of traffic, it could be untargeted traffic.

It is possible to compare the types of search queries people are using to find your site. This information is recorded before and after the SEO campaign. This is done by looking at Google Analytics and comparing the results.

Your search traffic can drop by 50% after an SEO campaign but you will see more conversions and sales because your traffic is highly targeted. It is user acquisition from people who are searching for your services or products. If you want to find the best marketing talent for your company INS Global can help you.

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