An emergency sign is often taken for granted, despite its importance. Every business and public space has this signage. Emergency signs are physical signboard that alerts the public to probable risks or threats in the vicinity. In an emergency, these signs help individuals find their way to safety. A contingency plan must include an emergency sign. Every public facility has a predetermined response strategy in an emergency, such as a mass shooting, a fire, or a natural disaster.

Each employee and staff member is assigned a specific job in a contingency plan. Some signs guide people to safety or tell them what they need to do in the event of a disaster. These signals have been in use for millennia and are not new. Emergency announcements were shown on signs in almost every public place, regardless of age or gender. Since then, the digital emergency sign has gone a long way.


With digital signboards, you have greater control over the message and how it is shown. To assist those trapped in a building or space, a person in a control room may change the message shown on the sign as needed. In an emergency, passengers on public transit may see exit signs showing where to go. However, some modern digital emergency signs enable images and a moving string of text. During times of crisis, they are essential in assisting people in getting to safety as fast as possible.

An Emergency sign is required in what locations?

No matter where you put it, an emergency sign will look great. There are a variety of symbols and signs that may be used to indicate various emergencies.

At The Shore

All ages enjoy going to the beach, but there are risks involved. People should be made aware of jellyfish found on specific beaches to minimise the danger of jellyfish attacks. In addition, if the ocean currents are powerful that day, an emergency warning may be put up to warn people to stay away from the water.

Geographic Areas at Risk

A city near an erupting volcano, for example, is more vulnerable to natural disasters than others. Experts in weather patterns, geological upheavals, etc., will strive to anticipate a disaster before it occurs in these cities. If an emergency arises, an emergency sign may serve as a warning to the public, allowing them to take the necessary precautions to avoid harm.

Fire Escape

Signs like this one are the most popular, and they often incorporate symbols to indicate where you’re going. In an emergency, these signs will send people on the right path. People may use these signs as a guide to finding a secure location on the property.

How Do You Make an Emergency Sign?

Unlike conventional signs, an emergency sign must adhere to a set of rules or restrictions.


If feasible, the message should be concise and mostly given using symbols. You should get all the information you need by looking at the sign.


Ideally, the sign should be positioned where everyone in the building can see it at a glance, for instance, in the vicinity of escalators or elevators or over lobbies and exits.

Getting People’s Attention

An emergency sign currently comes with a light reflector panel that attracts the attention of all passersby thanks to advances in fluorescence. Using a flashlight, they may be seen clearly.


The colour scheme used on an emergency sign must be at least two-toned, if not three-toned (usually black, white and red). The fastest way to get a message through is with a white backdrop and black symbols or letters. The sign’s vivid red borders also draw attention to the message, making it easier for those in need to find it.


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