Revolutionise the Business Signage by Making the Right Investment

According to Baker Consulting, there are over 1630 shopping centres and 44,679 restaurants and cafés in Australia.
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Owners must decide the kind of journey and the impression that the visitors and customers approach a shopping centre, entertainment complex or restaurant, they want them to have about the establishment.
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As a feature of the building’s architecture, signage can achieve this by bringing the place to life through dynamic advertisements and attracting potential customers and clients to the place. Architectural signage showcasing the right advertisements can add personality to an establishment and play a major role in enhancing brand identity and increase sales. In 2018, the signage industry in Australia was estimated at around 450 million AUD. The market size is consistently increasing as digital signage industry trends continually expand which include retail, advertising, education, healthcare, transportation and other fields.

Choosing the Right Signage Correlates with a Successful Business

As the first thing that customers see as they walk into a business is the storefront, choosing the most creative signage to showcase the brand is crucial.

Good Architectural Signage is Worthy Investment

Businesses are usually reluctant to spend their money on advanced signage due to its relatively high price and might prefer to put up physical signages. But with the popularity growing for digital advertisements and animations due to advanced technology, the amount spent on upgrading the signages must never be thought of as an expense but must be considered an investment. The evolved signages help the business stand out among its competitors and represent the brand creatively.

Create a Novel First Impression

Survey the kinds of signages around the area and observe the population that lives in the neighbourhood, the ambience, heritage and culture. Considering all these factors, the businesses can design their signages to complement these features or contrast them to stand out in the area.
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But one thing that digital signages promise is the clean representation of the business with precise information enveloped most efficiently. They provide just the right amount of information to attract potential customers without any confusion.

Make it Pop

The appearance and the appeal of the signage are paramount while designing the signage. It needs to convey all the information but in an eye-catching manner. Digital signage with bright colours, contrasts, moving images and texts is the best way to achieve that. Most people are visually oriented, and hence their attention goes to the most visually dynamic views present in front of them.

Colour selection and images also have an impact on how customers view the business. Colours like bright yellow portray happiness and positivity, blue with trustworthiness and dependability. Therefore, having a mix of colours representing the brand reflects on the digital signage helps customers subconsciously affiliate themselves with the brand.

What Makes Architectural Signages Relevant?
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Sustainability is the need of the day. With environmental awareness and global sustainability growing exponentially, it has moved beyond reusable plastic and recycling bins.
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Using digital signages boasts sustainability and economic viability as it saves the materials, fuel and power required to create physical signages.

Many digital signages use LED or other lighting technology to create their graphic ad content. The signage designs produced by lights can be customised, modified and replaced without expending more materials or letting the old ones go to waste.

While selecting the digital signage designer and supplier, it is important to select someone trustworthy, has extensive knowledge about the innovations in the field, is creative, adaptable, reliable and provides good customer service. They would be able to bring the vision of the business into life without compromising on the message or the quality significantly impacting the business growth.

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