Raised Leg Poses (Uttanpadasana) Yoga: Incredible Benefits and Method

Uttanpadasana or raised leg pose is the essential supine position yoga & is highly helpful for a flat stomach and lower belly fat. It is pretty well-known and beneficial for people who want to burn their belly fat or lose weight.

The youth are incredibly fond of this unique yoga as its practice easily leads to outstanding results. Initially, it is a bit tough to maintain, but with consistent practice, it becomes very easy to hold yoga. Uttanpadasana contains 2 main words: uttana actually means raised-upward & pada means leg.

How to do an appropriately raised leg pose?

Want to know how to perform Uttanpadasana? Well, below is the very simple and basic technique of raised leg pose;

  • Initially, lie down simply in the supine position on the ground.
  • Your legs should be stretched, straight, and without any gaps.
  • Hands should be efficiently placed by your thighs’ sides.
  • Inhale raises the legs at an angle of 30° without even bending both of them at your knees.
  • Maintain this position as long as possible.
  • While maintaining, exhale and inhale slowly.
  • Exhale & bring the legs down gradually.
  • This is about 1 round.
  • Perform it around 3-5 rounds.

If you want to make all your doubts clear about raised leg yoga, you can also get a more comprehensive and step-by-step guide on how to do raised leg yoga with the help of pavanamuktasana; a go-to guide.

Raised leg yoga | Top-Notch Benefits

There are a lot of incredible benefits of Uttanapadasana. Some of the most prominent benefits are given below:

#1. Weight loss: It is one of the essential yoga poses for losing weight, particularly the lower fat of the belly. This also assists a lot in burning the fat off the lower abdominal sides and lower belly region to a great extent.

#2. Yoga for abs: There is no need to go to the gym if you want to make your abs, simply do it naturally just with the help of Uttanpadasana. Doing this pose for about a month & maintaining it helps a lot to shed exceptional fat from the whole abdominal region & also leads to establishing a better & smart look for your body.

#3. Back pain: In the start, it may give you a kind of pain in the spine, but after practising it regularly, it will highly help you by strengthening the back. Plus, it is also beneficial for thighs and hips.

#4. Hernia: This is extremely effective for the people who are facing the issue of Hernia. In fact, it’s one of the best poses for the treatment of Hernia.

#5. Balance of navel: Now & then, people are also facing the naval displacement issue. This yoga assists in balancing the naval and also helps you to tackle this condition.

#6. Weak legs: This assists you in making buxic the legs even more powerful and strong.

#7. Abdominal muscles: People who have comparatively weal muscles of the abdomen should definitely practice this exercise. It highly helps a person to strengthen the inner abdominal muscles, so ensure smooth and easy peasy digestion.

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