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Maeng da kratom doesn’t carry with it the name of its origin.
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Kratom strains with high stimulating power are known as
Red Maeng da kratom powder. 

They have long-lasting effects. In generations, the use of red maeng da kratom powder can make a difference. Maeng da strain was discovered in Thailand at the start of the 1900s. Unlike other kratom discovered by researchers, MD RED doesn’t carry with it the name of its origin. It is made up of the extract gained from the plant’s tropical tree leaves named Mitragyna speciosa.

Obtained from:

Red Maeng Da strains are all obtained from a tree known as Mitragyna speciosa, but all strains have different uses. It is mainly because of the sunlight and leaves. The reason behind this great power of red maeng da kratom powder is the ingredient in making it—the upper leaves of the tree. The upper leaves of the tree, Mitragyna speciosa like other trees, get more sunlight and create strong kratoms.


As the name suggests, red! Red Maeng da kratom powder is present in dark colour. It has a combination of red and a little bit shade of purple. The person who will see the red maeng da kratom powder for the first time will say that it is of green colour.
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Kratom powder allows you to judge the taste, whereas if you are taking capsules, you won’t judge its taste. Powder allows your taste sense to conclude the smooth taste of the Red maeng da kratom powder. Furthermore, among all kratom strains present, Red Maeng da kratom is the strongest. Its strength is abdominal muscles no joke. All the kratom strains, red, white and green, are from the same tree, but red is the most powerful one.
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Powder, tincture and capsules are available for Red Maeng da kratom and are not expensive as they all are easily available, so that’s why it was confusing to describe which way is better for us. According to the present research, it is found that the powder is stronger than capsules.  The user can also taste it, whereas, in a capsule, you can’t determine the taste of red maeng da.


After Thailand, Indonesians were very much interested in growing it. Indonesian and Thai Red Maeng da kratom strains are very much more powerful than other strains. The main ingredient present in the kratom tree is mitragynine which is also found in its leaves. Red Maeng da kratom comes from the most mature leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant. This ingredient is beneficial for many purposes.
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Mitragyna speciosa, like other trees, get more sunlight and create strong kratoms. Red Maeng da kratom is one of them. Md red is created from the upper leaves with the best power.

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