If you are looking for a water that is purified and pristine, then Aquapap’s Distilled Water is exactly what you need.
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This product offers a healthy alternative to tap water because it has been distilled through vaporization instead of boiling. It also contains no chlorine or fluoride as well as the minerals that your body needs.

I will discuss how vapor distilled water can help improve your health and lifestyle by providing you with all the benefits of pure drinking water without any extra chemicals or additives!

Benefits of Vapor Distilled Water

Since water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen, it becomes unhealthy when chlorine or fluoride are added. Chlorine can cause some serious health issues like bad breath, headaches, and dry skin and dandruff problems. Fluoride has been known to cause dental problems like tooth decay even though it can be somewhat beneficial to our teeth if ingested sparingly.

Vapor distillers remove these impurities through vaporization which produces highly purified drinking water free of contaminants. It is healthier because there are no harmful additives that could affect your body in negative ways! Many people who drink regular tap water complain about their skin being dry or having other kinds of allergies that may originate from drinking unfiltered water.
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Of course there are many other reasons why people would want to drink distilled water over tap water but the point is that it isn’t harmful for you!

Another benefit of distilled water is that it can help you lose weight because this type of water doesn’t contain any sodium which means you will have a better capacity for digestion. If you have a high sodium intake, then your body may retain more water than usual and gain some extra pounds as a result.

After drinking pure distilled water for a couple of weeks or so, I noticed the following changes:

  • My skin became healthier and glowed with radiance instead of being dry and irritated from chemicals in my tap-water
  • My hair was smoother and fuller compared to the time I drank tap-water
  • My sinuses were less congested and I didn’t suffer from as many allergy symptoms as before

These are just some of the benefits of vapor distilled water. There are plenty more to be explored so do your research!
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How is Vapor Distilled Water Made?

Vapor distillation revolves around the scientific principle of evaporation and condensation. To perform this process, we first start with raw water that we can purify through filtration. Then we use electricity to run a heating element and boil the purified water until it evaporates into steam. The steam then cools down and turns back into liquid which is collected into a clean container for storage. This cooling process produces highly pure drinking water.
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What is the Difference between Purified and Pristine?

To understand what it means for water to be purified, we need to know about the two main types of water: distilled and spring. It’s important to distinguish them from each other so let us go over some of their characteristics:

Distilled Water:

This type of water is created by boiling raw water and then condensing its vapor into liquid form. Most people think that this process purifies the liquid but in reality it only removes most mineral deposits including calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate. Since all chemical impurities are not removed, distilled water can actually be harmful because our bodies require minerals like iodine, potassium, bromine and others found in natural waters! This type of water can also be contaminated if bacteria enters the distillation chamber during the purification process.

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Spring Water:

This type of water is filtered by nature through porous underground rock that acts like a filtration system. It collects minerals and it already has healthy pH levels which makes it healthier than both tap and distilled waters.
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However, even spring water may contain carbonic acid, nitrates, algae and other impurities so you need to check with local authorities or do some research on your own before drinking this kind of water!

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