Pros and Cons of wearing body camera by the police personnel

Police personnel wear body camera which are usually called as body-worn camera. It is usually worn on the police officer’s chest or body or head for recording interaction between the police officer and public. This type of body camera remains very small and it have a microphone for capturing the sound and image.  All the footage that is taken by the camera is stored in the internal storage of the camera. The footage that are taken by the camera are highly used in the law enforcement for demonstrating transparency, document statements, observations, behavior check, as well as other evidence. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages of police body camera and you must know it before buying it. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with the pros and cons of body camera.

Pros of Body Camera

The following are some of the common advantages of having a body camera:

  • Enhance police accountability: With the help of such camera it becomes possible to enhance police accountability. This will also help in lowering the report of the misconduct of police. With the video and audio evidence the events can be verified independently.
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    In many cases, it is seen that people are sentenced with false case and sentenced with harsh punishment. But with video surveillance everything becomes clear and the innocent can get relief from falsely accused.visit here to know more information  : petloves
  • Act as a very powerful tool in case of domestic violence: When the police officer arrives at the domestic violence scene soon after the crime had taken place it becomes possible to collect much useful evidence such as the injuries that the victim has suffered from, the statement of the victim, the emotional and financial condition of the victim. Apart from that, with video evidence the testimony of the victim becomesVisit Here: f95
  • Provides good support from the public: When a police officer wear body camera he or she automatically get a huge support from the members of the public. The video that are recorded from the body camera of the police are also used for training the new and existing police officers and it becomes very vital as it helps them to perform at the time of difficult situation with the public.Read More About: sdedc

Cons of Body Camera

The following are some of the biggest disadvantages of wearing body camera:

  • It is very expensive: This type of camera is too expensive and many departments find it difficult to avail it for its members. Not only the cost of the camera, its maintenance also very expensive.
  • Can invade the privacy of the citizen: In some case it is seen that police have to encounter the criminals but if such case are publically exposed then it may create chaos among the citizen. Hence, it is always better to keep the sensitive thing confidential for avoiding any type of chaos.
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  • It can decrease the safety level of police officers: It is found on the survey that the assaults against the police officers increased to 14% when the wear body camera. Apart from that, wearing the body camera can decrease the safety level of police officers.
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    Moreover, it can negatively affect their physical as well as mental health. When you film some incidents some people may respond negatively or violently especially those people who are already under the influence of the drugs or alcohol or who are suffering from the mental problems.
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Thus when it comes to the question that whether police personnel should wear a body camera or not there are always two opinions – when some supports the wearing of body camera some are against it. That is the reason why in many countries police departments are still not allowed to wear body camera. No matter whatever the decision may be it is true that body camera can bring transparency in a case. Again it is seen in many cases that people falsely get the punishment which they does not deserve.
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But with the advent of body camera such type of case can be minimized and a fair decision can be taken by the judge as everything becomes clear and transparent with the evidence captured by the body camera.

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