Primary Care Team From HealthTap

A Primary care team is a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible and affordable health services to people. This may include doctors, nurses and other qualified healthcare providers who can offer various services.

As a Primary Care Team Member at HealthTap’s Primary and Urgent Care clinics, you’ll help patients access high-quality and convenient virtual primary care. This position is full time remote with the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Our mission

Our mission is to put a quality personal doctor within reach of every American – with or without insurance. We provide care for all aspects of life, from chronic conditions to everyday health concerns.

Our members can access a network of over 90,000 U.S.-based, board-certified doctors across 147 specialties. We vet each physician through an intensive credentialing process and manage demand in real time so patients have access to their preferred doctors.

Healthcare solutions should be accessible 24/7, and that’s exactly what HealthTap provides with their remote healthcare services. They offer various communication channels for their telehealth customers, from text chat to video conferencing, so doctors can choose whichever channel best meets their patient’s requirements.

Our doctors

HealthTap members now have the freedom to text with their primary care doctor at any time for free, providing long-term personalized primary care. This feature of our platform helps facilitate this connection.

HealthTap is a virtual healthcare provider that provides affordable primary and urgent care to those without insurance. Their applications, informational tools, electronic healthcare records utilize the highest data security standards to connect patients with physicians online.

The company boasts a network of more than 90,000 U.S.-based board-certified doctors in 147 specialties that have been carefully chosen through an extensive background check and licensing process.

HealthTap also uses an AI-powered symptom checker that offers intelligent explanations of possible causes and the most appropriate course of action for care. This feature is especially helpful if members are uncertain whether they need medical attention or have specific queries about their symptoms. Furthermore, HealthTap allows doctors to fill prescriptions and order lab tests – a unique telehealth service not all platforms offer.

Our technology

Our team of doctors and medical experts leverage advanced tech tools, as well as an expansive network of doctors, to deliver affordable, high-quality healthcare solutions that patients can access anytime from any digital device. HealthTap members get instantaneous, trusted information from real doctors at their moment of need, triage their symptoms quickly, and receive care with wait times less than 1 minute.

We’re creating a global telehealth practice to foster an informed and connected patient community. We collaborate with healthcare networks, major employers, as well as individual patients.

We’re also working with software developers to build apps on top of our cloud system, HOPES–the first fully interoperable platform in healthcare–so they can create highly personalized web, iOS and Android applications.

Our community

HealthTap’s nationwide virtual primary care platform makes quality medical care accessible to all Americans, regardless of insurance status. For just $15 per month, members can text with their long-term doctor of choice for quick questions and follow-ups; request $39 video appointments; or visit 24/7 urgent care with the first available clinic doctor for only $59 (or their insurance copay).

HealthTap members have access to an expansive network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors across 147 specialties who offer free informational answers in response to their queries.

The company reports it serves tens of millions of consumers and has helped many thousands get healthy and stay that way. Its team of physicians collaborates with a range of healthcare plans and providers to improve member populations’ health outcomes while decreasing costs.

HealthTap is currently seeking compassionate, friendly multi-state licensed doctors with experience in primary care and board certification in family medicine or internal medicine. Join our growing community of healthcare practitioners today by applying!

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