PMP Certification in Seattle vis-à-vis the Perspective of Women

Project Management Professional Exam or the PMP certification is taken to help you earn a portion of at least  25% on average over all other organizations that don’t possess one in Seattle. PMP certification is definitely the boost you may be looking for in building your career for a breakthrough and will equip you with the handy and significant pieces of information needed about a lot of things such as knowledge &  resources necessary for the subsequent step.

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How is the Certification in Seattle

The PMP Certification in Seattle functions as a demonstration to the officials employed, customers- a mark for reliable info, performance, having profoundly rich experiences. Various companies have added the PMP certification mandatory to be qualified for the position of project manager in PMP.

There are a handful of various centers which give necessary training for the PMP certificate program at a really reasonable expenditure, with all the important knowledge required for cracking through the exam.

But among all these things, even if Seattle is a city established in the USA, a first-world country, gender discrimination is still a matter of concern.

Position of women in Tech-

Despite all the talks, shows, debates, women are still looked down upon by their male counterparts and this continues even in the tech industry, where gender doesn’t play any role in any sort of merit or efficiency measurement. Yet still, women are underpaid, harassed. There exists a tremendous underrepresentation of women in tech.

● Disproportional gap

Employment in the US consists of 47% women, but they hold only 25% in computing and other tech skills. Even though they’re in equal parameters of capability as men, women yet are not given any lead in computers and other tech fields. This disproportional gap is huge.

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● Difference in Degree

Women, though they are catching up with men in terms of subjects as math and science, they take no active part in computer science degrees as compared to men. As a result of this, women are less represented in the CSE under graduation course, and hence, slack off in the tech fields and projects.

● Retention Gap

The real struggle begins after the under graduation course. Women with a CSE degree, enter a world dominated by male counterparts. Women comprise 38% of the CS under graduation program and who work in the tech field, in much contrast to the 53% of the tech men working. Not only in CSE, even in other streams of engineering, but 24% of women also have an engineering degree compared to the 30% of men.

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● Workplace problem

Now, what’s the reason behind women not entering tech fields? It’s of course not for merit or as such. The main and major problem lies in these tech offices. All the tech offices are male-dominated and women get a little say in planning the projects or in executing them. Gender discrimination, harassment, includes every day’s issue and concern

Women too, shine with their PMP Certificates and now let us take a look at the salary of the PMP Certificate holders in Seattle.

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PMP Certification Salary in Seattle

PMP(Project Management Professional)is a profusely renowned and honorable certification for the management of projects. Certified managers for projects under PMP always have got a heavy demand. They are acquired by-

  • Organizations to cut off the insufficiencies in profits that come from various projects. project managers acknowledged by PMP are established in various positions all across the globe and almost in every sector.
  • A Project Management Professional (PMP) officials in Seattle, WA receives a salary under the sum of between 80 thousand US dollars and almost up to 2 lakhs 80 thousand US Dollars. The Salary for PMP officials can range widely based on the position offered by the Organization.

So if you want to shine and if you are a woman too, keep the above in mind and you will be ready to make your mark in the tech world.

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