PMI – ACP is your best way to Agile Project Management

If you are looking for agile certification, then you might have searched for guidelines on PMI Agile and PMI-ACP® exams. You are in the right place! This is the article you are looking for: your complete guide to how to forward the PMI-ACP exam. And if you are not sure where you should certify you have to learn, I will give you a quick slum on an alternative like Scrum Master, so you can choose which nimble certification is the best for you.

We start with agile certification requirements, then switch to training that you need to skip, test costs, and the test itself. I will also give you tips on learning along the way.

For what PMI-ACP stands?

PMI-ACP stands for Project Management Institute Certified Practitioner. This is an excellent Agile certification from PMI.

What is PMI-ACP certification?

So what is the agile certification? What can you do?

PMI-ACP certification is a way to recognize your skills in using agile practices at work on your project. This shows you can use a flexible approach through a variety of agile tools and techniques. PMI Agile Certification is a way to show the employer that you have a high credibility level as a agile professional and you have a strong experience working on agile projects. Certification is recognized throughout the world, and more and more people choose to be agilely certified because it is a growing area in the field of project management.

Many businesses are currently running an iterative and predictive project and requires skilled professional project management in both.

What is the difference between PMI-ACP and Scrum Master?

CSM® stands for Certified Scrum Master®.
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Master Scrum Exam Certification Agile and every training course you do, purely focus on Scrum. The certification scheme is managed by Scrum Alliance®. This course is intended at the introduction level and directed to people who want to work in the role of scrum experts or as members of the Scrum team.
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This is a useful certification for own, but – technically technically – this is not a project management certification and does not require previous experience. Instead, PMI-ACP certification includes various approaches to agile. It also requires you to proof your experience, so it’s not just a test that you can pass by playing training courses.

What is the feasibility criteria for this agile certification?

There are feasibility requirements for PMI-ACP. This is:

Education: Secondary degree / Middle School Diploma or equivalent

General project experience: 2,000 hours (which is equivalent to 12 months) practical experience working on the project team in the last 5 years.

AGILE Project Experience: 1,500 hours (i.e about 8 months) practical experience that works on the project team using a agile approach above your general project experience. Nimble experiences must be obtained in the last 3 years.

Agile Training: 21 hours of formal contact focusing on agile practices (usually students achieve this through agile certification courses).

What is the PMI-ACP application process?

The application process for PMI-ACP is similar to other PMI certification, so if you have submitted another test, you will find the system very familiar.

If not, then don’t worry! It can take time but it’s easy. You will complete your application online through the PMI website. Before you start your application, make sure you can prove that you meet the feasibility requirements.

If you can’t, your application will be rejected and you will waste your time. Focus on getting your experience and certification training and then return and apply when you meet the requirements.

Create an account on the PMI website, if you don’t have it yet, and then follow the instructions on the screen to go through the process. It’s step by step, and you will have more than enough time to complete each stage before your application ends.

This is the process you will go through:

You submit your application.

PMI conducts the application of applications.

You make a payment.

Your application can be randomly selected for audit (random selection).

Your application (hopefully) approved.

You are considered eligible for the exam.

How do I record my work experience?

PMI-ACP training handbook has all the information you need to record your general project and the Agile project experience on the application.

There is an online worksheet to complete as part of the application process. You fill this, with detailed unique experiences, no overlapping in a relevant period of time.
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Remember that you cannot calculate work time twice: If you work on two projects during June, you can only count that time once.

Are there a life limit on the agile certification exam?

PMI does not force the age limit to take an agile certification test.
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As soon as you have sufficient work experience in the field, you can apply for a test.
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There is no age limit too.

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