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Paying for YouTube Views


YouTube views are vital for your channel’s growth and reputation. Also, views and subscribers are usually parallel to each other.
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It means if you have a thousand subscribers, you can expect the same number of views. However, it is more complicated than that.

So, what do you think about paying for YouTube views? Is it ok or not? If you can buy YouTube views, and you find a reliable marketing partner, then yes, you should.
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You can quickly write your own YouTube success story or boost the rankings and authority of your videos, after buying views from an excellent source or service. In this article, we will attempt to clear all your doubts concerning the purchase of YouTube views.

Can you get banned when buying views?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Confused? Well, don’t be because you will understand in a few seconds. You can get banned if you buy views from a lousy service that gives you your number of views, but they are not organic. Meaning a computer program does them, also called as bot. The point to understand here is that the YouTube algorithm is much more intelligent than your average bot trying to boost your views.

Similarly, there is no problem or risk if you have a service that guarantees views from organic traffic. We have attempted numerous services, and YouTube views from LenosTube have worked wonders for us.

Who else pay for YouTube views?

The short answer, is a lot of people actually, and especially the biggest brands and artists who require social and presence proof on social media’s. You will be amazed to hear that most giant businesses buy views from different services to give an initial push to their videos. Similarly, it is also an intelligent way to invest in your channel’s progress or brand identity, as a considerable amount of views and engagement provide a positive impression.

How will bought views help?

When you open YouTube, which videos do you click the most? You unconsciously click a video with the most views and an astounding title image. Similarly, even if the title image is excellent and views are minimal, likely, you will not watch it. Some people also experience an increase in ranking or organic traffic; this may differ from one to the other and also on the agency one decides to use.

A matter of common sense

To further clear your doubts about buying YouTube video views, let’s observe a scenario. Suppose YouTube bans channels with artificially generated views (which it does on rare occasions with small channels). You could easily buy some bot-generated views of your competitor’s channel and get them banned. So, that is not happening, and YouTube is not throwing proper channels out of business because of this reason. Although, it is highly recommended to double-check the integrity and method of the service from where you intend to buy, because you might still get unpleasant issues such as drops of the purchased amounts or low retention.

How do Genuine YouTube view services work?

An artificial view-selling service deploys a computer program that bombards likes and views to your videos, and you will likely be caught.

On the other hand, a genuine service such as LenosTube has professional marketing experts doing such things as a job, daily. Finally, if you buy a package from such a service, you will get 100% organic traffic on your channel – which is the requirement of YouTube. That would be 100% legal.

Did you know that each minute brings more than 500 hours of video content to YouTube? Likewise, with this much content being pumped, it can become difficult to compete and get a decent amount of views for your videos. So, most struggling channels prefer hiring others to do this job for them.


Are you considering paying for YouTube views? It would be helpful if you researched hard enough and checked the reviews of various people for the service from which you intend to buy. If you find the right partner, there are many benefits you might get from it.

Furthermore, hiring a service with a good reputation is highly recommended if your channel is at its initial stages and doesn’t have many subscribers and views.

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