Overview of programs for 3D modeling

3D modeling offers great opportunities for working with three-dimensional digital objects that can be created based on real or imaginary ones.

With the help of special computer programs, you can create realistic 3D models of interiors of apartments and public buildings, architectural and construction objects, cars, streets and neighborhoods, scenery, landscapes, game characters, small objects, etc.
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The ready-made model can be viewed from all sides and used in video, animated film, and VR.

3D modeling is used in different spheres:

Advantages of three-dimensional modeling:

  • Creating an accurate model close to reality: highly detailed and high-quality color, texture and structure reproduction.
  • Reproduction of all features of the object.
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  • Quick changes to the model without redrawing its construction. Preview of changes.
  • Get an accurate drawing of a single part or an entire object.

Popular 3D modeling programs

  • 3Ds MAX

The software allows you to do almost any task related to three-dimensional modeling, animation, and visualization.

The program is notable for its versatility, a huge set of tools and features, compatibility with most plug-ins and a large selection of ready-made models for 3D max from small objects to animated characters.

3D max models are chosen by architects, designers, animators and video game developers for their projects.
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The program is created for architects: the design of construction projects, exteriors, interiors, furniture and interior objects, natural landscapes, backyards, etc.

  • SketchUP

A simple and easy to use program that is ideal for beginners. Allows you to create drawings, models of interiors, architecture, furniture.

  • Blender

A free program for creating 3D models. It is just as functional and versatile as 3Ds MAX. Its main disadvantages are: a confusing interface and the lack of a Russian-language version.

  • Wings 3D

An easy-to-use free program with a wide range of features. The disadvantages: It does not work with animation.
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The advantage of this program is that it supports the export of most 3D-formats and is compatible with Blender.

When choosing a program, keep in mind your goals. For architectural projects, look at ARCHICAD and SketchUP. For animation, look at Blender and 3Ds MAX.

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