NOMOS GLASHUETTE: Most Prominent Manufacturers Of Modern Watches In The Industry

Nomos is one of the most well-known contemporary watchmakers in the world. It drew collectors and enthusiasts alike because of its creative offerings and award-winning designs. Nomos creates traditional watches that combine modern architecture with cutting-edge technology to appeal to minimalist watch aficionados.

The NOMOS Metro and the NOMOS Tangente, two of the company’s most well-known sets, have won multiple industry honors.
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NOMOS watches are perfectly adapted to today’s urban jungle and cosmopolitan man’s fast-paced lifestyle. This is demonstrated by the company’s continued production of cutting-edge timepieces in both style and functionality.

A Must-Have for Sports Enthusiasts: Nomos Ahoi 

The brand’s product for active individuals is Nomos Ahoi. One of its numerous features is its water-resistance of up to 200 meters (656ft). Telling time would not be an issue with its light hands and hour markers if you got this far down. Furthermore, the layout of the watch is maintained simply with the addition of certain athletic elements.

The Nomos Ahoi, as expected, comes in a range of sizes to suit different tastes. Because the movements of the watch change, it might be priced differently. To make it even more sporty, you may select from various bright colors for the dial. With colors like siren blue or siren red, a striking watch is still a realistic option.

A Watch for the Modern Man: Nomos Metro

The Nomos Metro, along with the Tangente, is one of the most popular Nomos sets. This collection emerged in 2014, just in time for the brand’s iconic Swing System. The Nomos Metro clocks are perfect for the city. This is in keeping with the watch’s sleek and futuristic design.

It was developed by Mark Braun, a Berlin-based freelance artist, and it received multiple honors when it was initially published. Award-giving recognition such as the German Design Award, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and the iF Award has recognized this watch. The model comes in a total of 12 distinct versions to suit your taste.

A True Bauhaus Watch: Nomos Tangente 

When the Nomos Tangente was first released, it was an instant hit. Almost three decades later, it is still the brand’s best-selling watch. Tangente clocks have a direct dial and a circular casing. With a small seconds dial and angled lugs, it’s a natural marriage of old and new.

The Tangente, like all Nomos watches, features a cordovan leather strap for a comfortable fit. This harness is built from a horse’s hindquarters and is both robust and water-resistant. Its date display also distinguishes it. For easier viewing, two red markings frame the date at the dial’s edge.

Simple and Contemporary: Nomos Orion 

One of the most basic models from Nomos is the Orion. It only has the information that the wearer needs.
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The clock, which features short minute and hour indications, is protected by a domed sapphire glass. In comparison to other flat Nomos watches, it has a distinct look when viewed from the edge.

Like the other collections on our list, the Orion men’s and women’s watches are available with a manual or Neomatik movement. In addition, it’s available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 33mm to 41mm.

The Sporty Dress Watch: Nomos Club

The NOMOS Club features a younger look than the majority of Nomos timepieces. Its design is based on a sporty theme that is kept basic. The Tangente, like the Club, has several watch sub-families.
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Each sub-family is designed to fit your lifestyle. For example, the NOMOS Club Neomatik has a 42mm diameter and is suitable for athletic appearances and functions.

The size of the Campus series, on the other hand, is reduced to 38 or 39mm. The Campus series’ hues are easy to look at and come in white, black, or midnight blue dials. At first glance, the Aqua series of the collection features eye-catching aesthetics. The Nomos Club is available in the standard colors and with a siren blue or siren red dial.

Thin and Elegant: NOMOS Minimatik 

The NOMOS Minimatik series comes in smaller sizes, as the name implies. It suits more delicate or slender wrists at 35mm. It’s also thinner than most other timepieces. With this watch, NOMOS debuted their high-end caliber DUW 3001. This movement has a height of only 3.
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2mm. This contributes to the watch’s slim appearance.
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Finally, the timepiece is a sophisticated accessory that performs much better than traditional wristwatches. The Minimatik is available in three different dial colors: white, champagne, and midnight blue.


With a 170-year history, Nomos Glashütte is a German watchmaker. The Nomos Glashütte watches are all high-quality timepieces with a classic flair. Their finest watch collections are understated and beautiful. Among the groups are Tetra, Ludwig, Orion, and the Metro.

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