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News18 Urdu is an Indian news channel broadcasting in the language of Urdu. The network was launched on 15 August 2001 under the name ETV and is owned by the Network 18 Group. Apart from national and regional news, it also features popular entertainment shows, music videos, and sports. It has also started streaming live in HD. To date, this is the only Urdu channel on YouTube. This television network is the leading one among all other Urdu channels.

The channel provides full coverage of the nation. It covers news and current affairs from all states in India, including Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, and Telangana. Exclusive interviews and regional bulletins make the channel unique and popular among the audience. In addition to its mainstream programming, News18 Urdu offers exclusive programming in the form of interviews with leading celebrities. The network is also known for providing entertainment programs in the language indian news.

The channel has a large audience. Despite the fact that its audience consists mostly of Pakistani citizens, it also broadcasts content in Hindi. The news and drama programming on the channel are aimed at the Indian-Pakistani population. Moreover, News18 Urdu is available in the United States, Bangladesh, and the UAE. While most Urdu-language television channels focus on breaking news and sports, News18 Urdu is also available in Hindi and Punjabi. Read more about: teachingh You should visit this site:

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