NBA 2K22 Gameplay News – Is NBA 2K22 Live Strem Event Will Reveal The Gameplay

On August 11th, we got a little bit of good news.
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2K did end up dropping another screenshot, no gameplay, no animations, none of the things we want to see.

they dropped a screenshot for Kyle Lowry in a Miami Heat jersey, it looks good. but if you put yourself in the position of a brand new “I’ve never played 2K a day in my life” consumer, it’s like “what do you want me to do with this information?” we are in the year 2021, 2K, your graphics better be good, it’s not even up for debate.

Surprisingly 2K has more accounts in other countries and it looks like they’re actually promoting the game heavier than Ronnie 2K and the promoting teams in the states. on the other hand, 2K Japan just sent out a tweet promoting a live stream event and they said there’s going to be a video package for their cover athlete. we might finally get some update on the new gameplay. because there’s no way 2k Japan is going to host a whole live event just to show us the cover athletes, it’s unlikely will be just some trailers that 2K drop in promotion of the cover athletes after the cover athletes were announced and there was no gameplay. and with the time difference, people in different time zone might be able to see the live stream event. but if this has no gameplay in it, the 2K gamers community will be furious. the tweet continues to say check out the NBA 2K22 regular version. Based on all the screenshots 2K posted on Twitter, the graphics look good slightly better than the previous version, but we’re not buying the game strictly on graphics. it’s 2021, we expect the graphics to be good. we know about in MyCareer mode, you could be a rapper, but we don’t know if it’s going to give you extra NBA 2K22 MT, a lot of these side hustles are creative and all, but realistically speaking it is only going to last or a week, and then nobody will care about it like the warehouse challenges on next gen 2K21.

we are a month away until this game comes out and the trailer or a behind the scenes video of Candace Parker 2K released is getting scanned in the game her reaction to being a cover athlete. but we do not care about that, we are four weeks away until this game comes out, still, not a single strand of gameplay is released. we want to see what this cruise ship park looks like, we want to know what is going on with MyCareer, why is it won’t have a story, and what does the interface looks like? is it going to look like 2k13? there’s so much more detail you can give us than behind-the-scenes footage of Candace Parker’s reaction or her behind-the-scenes footage. we don’t care about that, four weeks of wait until this game comes out and we haven’t really seen anything. we also got a screenshot on August 10th of Russell Westbrook, it looks good, but graphics have already maxed out. ps5 has been out a year and it’s already maxed out, they look good, but when you’re playing in the game, these zoomed in detailed features are non-existent. the graphics aren’t what’s really reeling people in, because let’s be honest more people are playing 2K21 current gen on ps4 with slightly worse graphics compared to the ps5 version of the game and these are people that bought ps5s, they’re still choosing to play the current gen version of the game and spend their NBA 2K22 MT Ps4 , that tells you a lot about what the players are interested in. so for us to be four weeks away and 2K just giving a screenshot of players, it won’t get anyone’s attention. you can only get hype so much for these screenshots, so far we’ve gotten to cover athletes, we got someone from the wizards, and we also got Russell Westbrook, but what we really want is to see the gameplay, so we can only wait to see what will 2K do next.

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