MS Paint Features You May Not Know

MS Paint has been a popular feature ever since it was introduced in 1992. This application has evolved over the years. Irrespective of the laptops or desktop computers running on the Windows operating system you buy, you get MS Paint as a default application on your PC or laptop. With a neat and clean user interface, the MS Paint application is lighter. The application allows users to save the images that have been edited in the popular image formats of their choice, which is listed under the drop-down options while saving the image file. You can also check this guide if you are an Apple user looking for MS paint in Mac. In this article, we will learn about some of the MS paint features you may not know.

You can use the mouse to undo a step performed in MS Paint

It has to be taken note that MS Paint allows only the last three changes made by the user while a user tries to undo a step performed in MS Paint. All you have to do is right-click the mouse button, and the last action performed will be undone. It saves time since a user otherwise tries to click ‘CTRL + Z’ or the undo option in MS Paint manually. This makes the undo process in MS Paint easier.  

Adjusting the size of the image

Instead of selecting the Resize option in MS Paint, a user can also make use of a few shortcuts, which will instantly help the user adjust the size of the image. It also avoids the need to drag the selection. User will have to use the ‘Select’ tool within MS Paint to select a specific area of the image and then use ‘CTRL+’ and ‘CTRL-‘ shortcuts for changing the image size.

Modify the size of the brush tool in MS Paint

You can reduce or increase the size of the brush tool in MS Paint. Some common shortcuts are applicable while using MS Paint tools such as brush, pencil, and the line drawing tool. If you want to increase the size of the brush, then you will have to click CTRL + NumPad (+), whereas users will have to click CTRL + NumPad (-) to reduce the size of the brush.

Create a new colour shade using MS Paint

MS paint allows users the option to choose a colour of their choice. Left-clicking a specific colour shade will make the colour a primary colour in MS Paint, whereas right-clicking on the mouse will make it a secondary colour shade. What is more interesting is that the users are provided with the option to choose a third colour. User will have to choose the ‘Pick Colour’ option in MS Paint and click ‘CTRL +’ left-click any of the colour shades and then do the same step again to save the new colour without losing the earlier shades. So when you start to draw something in MS Paint, you can choose this third colour by holding the CTRL key while drawing.   

Create a Gradient in MS Paint

It is also one of the MS Paint features you may not know. All you have to do is to open the MS Paint application. Select the ‘Line’ tool and draw a diagonal line across the page by using the tool. To fill one part of the gradient with any colour, you should choose the ‘Paint Bucket’ option. Choose a colour of your choice, and the MS Paint will fill one side of the diagonal with that colour. Once done, you can click the option denoted as ‘Resize’ and uncheck the box next to the option ‘Aspect Ratio’. Select the horizontal value as ‘1’ and then click ‘OK’. Now again, click the ‘Resize’ option and enter the horizontal value as ‘500’. Once the step is performed, click ‘OK’. Now you have your gradient.


Apart from the above mentioned MS Paint features, there are other features that MS Paint comes with. For example, MS Paint allows you to create custom brushes. There is also an option to invert colours, and you can even change the size of the brush using MS Paint. The latest version of MS Paint in Windows 10 comes with many features similar to that in a premium version of other similar software. Even though there are other similar and popular applications like MS Paint, MS Paint is still light, user-friendly and comes with many features that make working on MS Paint a hassle-free experience.

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